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  1. mrjones

    Snare tuning

    I know this has probably been covered but to simplify it and make it easy for me. on the snare side if I loosen the lugs won't that give the snare wires more action .and let's say I over tightened the resonant would
  2. mrjones

    Double strokes

    I need some advice about my doubles .first off I had been practicing these for a while then got frustrated then came back to them and now have them pretty much down using the push pull with your fingers on snare .now I'm trying to combine my wrists and fingers on the toms .is this supposed to...
  3. mrjones

    Hi hat cymbals

    I have a question do hi hat cymbals wear out or lose there sound ? Or if they do wear out is it from rubbing together and that could take a really long time .just curios thanks .sean
  4. mrjones

    First audition

    I just had my first audition and i think i made it the members want me to come by thier studio on monday .i picked something easy billy jean and did well .i was playing 16th notes on the hi hat. .ive never played with anyone before .matter of fact i only have a hand full of songs that ive...
  5. mrjones

    is this just a learning curve

    Ive finally learned this song all the way through and know it by heart but say if i play it 2 or 3 times in a row my right foot will stop cooperating i will miss bass notes and my foot will be really inconsistent. Im 47 and have have been learning i have a little over a year . its just frustrating
  6. mrjones

    Ead10 question

    I have my ead10 all hooked up using a pm30 roland amp,the ead10 and i use my phone for the actual music input in the aux. Jack .question is bow do i get music in my headphones and out of the amp at the same time .do i need a adapter?
  7. mrjones


    I have questions on what drummers use to do drum covers as far as electronics go. I guess my question really is what do I need to do this ? I already have a good set of headphones . I'm new and have been learning the rudiments and practicing and want to start doing this so could someone give the...
  8. mrjones

    Axis Sonic hammer mod

    For any one that doesn't like the felt beaters on the Sonic hammers this is what I did.i went to Ace hardware in the furniture section they have rounded Plastic floor sliders called magic sliders.went home ripped the felts off and stuck these on they are the exact same size and made out of hard...
  9. mrjones

    Learning heel toe

    I'm three weeks in on learning heel toe and I'm getting better .thing is my legs get cramps now when I'm sleeping it will wake me up .I guess it's something your body has to get used to
  10. mrjones

    Learning curves

    I'm having a helluva time now that I'm getting into the little bit harder stuff.i have a teacher that I helping me learn jazz also . problem is when I'm keeping time on the ride with right hand kicking bass pedal and using the high hat on 2and 4 I'm supposed to use my left hand for Grace notes...
  11. mrjones

    Right handed left footed

    I was just thinking of this as I'm taking lunch break that I'm right handed and left footed .thing is I have about 4 months under my belt and have been practicing doubles with my right foot.then it dawned on me that it if had a double pedal this might make things way easier.what do you think.thanks
  12. mrjones

    beginner question

    i have a question about drum sheet music thats driving me nuts .im a beginner with about 4 months under my belt and my first song i would like to learn is ratt lack of communication but i cant find the sheet music anywhere .i dont have a ear yet to just listen to it and know what is played where...