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  1. mrthirsty

    New Stewart Copeland Book Just ran across this today, being a huge Copeland fan I don't think I can resist.
  2. mrthirsty

    Anyone here tried MeetHook

    Just out of curiosity has anyone here tried this website. You can book a phone call with famous musicians for a fee. I guess this is the new thing, the rates are not cheap it's $8.33 per minute if you want to book a phone call with Steve Gadd, the other artists have varying rates, the cheapest...
  3. mrthirsty

    Syncopation pgs 15 to 20

    Anyone here tried reversing the exercise, playing the melody on the snare and filling in the triplets on the bass drum? I did it today just to do something different, worked it out right footed then tried to do it with my left, pretty cool.
  4. mrthirsty

    If you had to learn drums all over again what would you do differently?

    Someone asked me this the other day and thought it was interesting. For me: Would have more discipline when it came to developing my left hand from the start. Realize the benefits from slow deliberate practise sooner. Having the knowledge that the study of this instrument is a lifetime. I...
  5. mrthirsty

    Is Dennis Chambers ill?

    I came across this video on you tube, I didn't even recognise Dennis at first, he's lost a lot of weight. He just doesn't look well, I really hope it's nothing serious. Does anyone know if he's ill?
  6. mrthirsty

    What are the best cd or mp3 players with tempo control?

    Hi I'm looking to get a cd or mp3 player where you can control the tempo of the song without altering the pitch. I've looked at the Tascam MP GT1 which plays mp3's or the CD GT2 that plays only cds, both can alter the tempo -50% or +12% but each can't play both cds or mp3s. Anyone owned these...
  7. mrthirsty

    Need help with the intro to Ted Nugent's Hey Baby

    Hi I'm currently in a band covering this song, can someone tell me what is going on rhythm wise in the intro. to this tune? We're having nothing but problems trying to get this together. Thanx.
  8. mrthirsty

    Is ear training important for drummers?

    Hi, just thought I would ask how many guys here devote some of their practising to ear training, not just for rhythm but working on chords, intervals and scales. I still work on ear training even though I don't sing or play another instrument that requires notes or chords. Anyone else think...
  9. mrthirsty

    Paul Brochu

    Stumbled across this video of Paul Brochu, I forgot what a monster player this guy is. Used to listen to him a lot in the 80's with UZEB but didn't come across his playing much since they broke up. Great feel and technique, and best of all he's from Canada...
  10. mrthirsty

    Weird things your brain does when you practise

    I've been playing for years and stick to a daily practise schedule, one thing that happens from time to time is I recall memories from my past that I haven't thought of in years. They have no significance other than the fact I haven't remembered them since they happened and can remember them in...
  11. mrthirsty

    Holding your drumset hostage

    Hi I was recently on a long tour(10 months with a cover band) when I had to return home due to medical reasons. To make the transition easier and save them money I agreed to leave my set behind(4 piece Ayotte Custom) for the sub-drummer coming in, I only agreed to this because he worked with...
  12. mrthirsty

    Death Metal Bands at the Rehearsal Space

    Hi I run a working cover band and rent a monthly rehearsal space for our practices I also use it for my own drumset workouts. These rooms are 10' x 20' and have the usual amout of sound bleed from other bands which is no big deal until the death metal band shows up. It's pretty obvious the...
  13. mrthirsty

    Peter Erskine Interview

    Here's an interesting 7 part interview with one of the masters Peter Erskine. Check it out!