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  1. Frank Godiva

    Happy 76 Bill Kreutzman

    We should all be so lucky to play so long. 76 n rolling. A true inspiration
  2. Frank Godiva

    Pat Metheny’s take on drummers

    “The drummer is the leader of every band. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the marquee. Drummers are the key to everything, and the best ones know it.” —Pat Metheny
  3. Frank Godiva

    St Pats Purple Haze

    Released today 1967
  4. Frank Godiva

    Happy 97 Roy Haynes

    Retire? Why? Playing keeps your body and mind moving so you live your best life as long as you can. The inspirational Snap Crackle Pop now…… 97 From last year
  5. Frank Godiva

    Lars commode on permanent display

    Thanks to vista black on dfo we have this…. From the Tampa Bay Times: “The Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Copenhagen will put the Metallica drummer-themed toilet on permanent display. A Tampa heavy metal musician and artist will soon see a toilet he sculpted to look like Metallica drummer Lars...
  6. Frank Godiva

    RIP Sandy Nelson
  7. Frank Godiva

    Price bashing on the rise

    This was posted today from Texas Vintage Drums and I could not agree more. There was even a specific troll post around these parts just this month. TVD - “I’d like to bring up the topic price bashing! One of the reasons I love being involved in this community is because there is a genuine...