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  1. Rattlin' Bones

    Off Brands

    I'm having quite a bit of success using "off" brands. Off may not be the right word. Maybe "not-the-major" brands. Our combo plays once a month at a venue in a very limited space depth wise, with a short wall in front of us. I looked at two-legged hi-hat stands and they were pretty expensive...
  2. Rattlin' Bones

    First Gig With New Jazz Trio Tonite Set Lists

    I have first gig with our new jazz trio tonite. Playing tunes mostly from Great American Songbook. Myself on drums along with jazz guitar and electric bass. We also have a singer for most of the pieces. My drum kit is very limited because of space - just a snare and very thin 4" kick (yup - one...
  3. Rattlin' Bones

    Snare Drum Hack

    Here's my latest hack. Thick watercolor paper used in lieu of gels, glops, globs, wallets, or duct tape. Works like a charm and looks better, too. I let my 5 year old grandson do the artwork. It's just heavy enough to add perfect dampening and eliminate the most annoying ringing and overtones...
  4. Rattlin' Bones

    When Click Track Hurts More Than Helps

    I decided to try using a click track at band practice last nite. Well, small practice just me, jazz guitar, and singer. Doing jazz standards. Guitar player complained previous practice about speeding up or slowing down: thought I was responsible for too much tempo variation. So I downloaded free...
  5. Rattlin' Bones

    Erskine Is Shaming Me

    This Erskine video has totally disrupted disoriented me and shaken my already shaky confidence. He is adamant in his public service announcement toward the end of the video that if you're swinging the hats (what is often called walking the dog but he simply calls syncopation) and on 2nd of the 3...
  6. Rattlin' Bones

    Swinging Quarters: A Real Perspective

    Based on a recent thread, I started listening more to how I play jazz tunes that swing. I'm finding the ideal place for "swinging quarters" is on bridges. They sorta drive the groove and band more than when I'm walking the dog. It changes the feel. The band is still swinging but I'm just playing...
  7. Rattlin' Bones

    Use Crash Cymbals for Hi-Hats?

    I want a soft/ sizzling hat sound. I can find lots of thin crash cymbals, but not so much the same thin lite cymbals sold as "hi-hats". Question: anybody just buy 2 crash cymbals and use them as hats?
  8. Rattlin' Bones

    What Ride Cymbal is Peter Erskine Using?

    In this video what ride cymbal is he using? I think it sounds great. I want one. What is it?
  9. Rattlin' Bones

    Wrong Way To Swing Your Hats?

    An Erskine video reminded me of "right" way to swing on hats. Sometime after 6 minute beat - watch until he starts talking about the wrong way)/ Since high school I've always fallen into opening them on the "&" instead of just before the &. As Erskine demonstrates, the 2nd and 3rd strokes are...
  10. Rattlin' Bones

    How Long Did Premier Use Slotted Tension Rods?

    When did Premier stop using slotted tension rods? I see a late 70's Premier snare for sale with slotted tension rods. Did they use them through the 70's?
  11. Rattlin' Bones

    Supraphonics Keystone Badge vs Blue/ Olive Badge

    I'm seeing new Ludwig Supraphonic snare drums some with a keystone badge and others with a blue/ olive badge. What is the difference? Why the different badges on new drums?
  12. Rattlin' Bones

    New Supraphonic B Stock?

    They're selling for $379-$399 all over the place. I don't have a Supra. I have some cash. Are these great bargains? I see older used Supras from 70's and 60's for around $500 in decent shape. A new Supra for $379 sounds like a bargain. What do you think?
  13. Rattlin' Bones

    Remo Ambassadors vs Aquarian Focus X

    Opinions please. I'm trying to use Focus X head with that center dot on my snare to dry up ring a bit, which it does. But that center spot is - to me - not as responsive to sticks and bounce. I'm finding I migrate out to edges when doing crushed rolls. Would Ambassadors do a better all-around...
  14. Rattlin' Bones

    Filthy Swamp Snare Drum Tuning

    Other than a $900 Stanton Moore Acacia wood snare, what other snares might I buy to give me a down and dirty "Filthy Swamp" NOLA sound? It's only 4.5" deep - but I thought maybe a 6.5"?? Or something thin with re-rings? I prefer newer snares because less to fail during gigs. What do you think...
  15. Rattlin' Bones

    What Does a 6.5" Snare Do Better?

    I see a lot of 6.5" deep snares for sale. I've only used 5" and 5.5" deep snares. What does a 6.5 do that a 5 or 5.5 can't?
  16. Rattlin' Bones

    Ludwig Legacy Maple vs Mahogany vs Classic Maple

    Opinions please. I like the super-thin shells and re-rings on Legacy. I like that sorta sound on old snares. But I like the modern hardware and build on new snares - less to go wrong on a gig. Which do you recommend, and why? My genres are lite jazz with small trios or small group backing a...
  17. Rattlin' Bones

    Clear Ambassadors on Toms

    My new Ludwig CM kit came with Clear Ambassador heads top and bottom. I've never used these heads for batters on toms, and I guess I have been missing out on what a great sound I can get on toms using these heads. I always thought to use coated Ambassador heads for batters thinking they are more...
  18. Rattlin' Bones

    Ludwig Classic Maple Heads With New Kits

    What heads come with new Ludwig Classic Maple kits? They say Remo, and the kick batter side has some sort of ring around perimeter.
  19. Rattlin' Bones

    Rogers vs Other Vintage Drums

    Wonder why Rogers had such notoriously bad hardware. Exploding B&B lugs. Collets that crack when tightened, or freeze up and can no longer be used. Don't hear that about Ludwig, Gretsch, Slingerland, or Premier. Was Rogers the worst hardware on the best shells?
  20. Rattlin' Bones

    Ludwig Classic Maple Stingray Kit

    I have been wanting a Ludwig CM "Stingray" kit for a long time. (20x12 kick). Other than a kick drum mount for rack tom, this one checked all my boxes. Glad I found it, and happy to purchase from Dale's.