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  1. toddbishop

    New Cymbal & Gong cymbals!

    I played a whole lot of new Cymbal & Gong cymbals yesterday, some of which I'll be selling on my Cymbalistic site. Including some prototype 20" Extra Special Janavar crash-rides, with K-type hammering and lathing, and some prototype Second Line Chinese cymbals, which are funky, fast decaying...
  2. toddbishop

    RIP DH Peligro

    Lost DH Peligro from the Dead Kennedys,,,
  3. toddbishop

    RIP Pharaoh Sanders

  4. toddbishop

    Bill Frisell's advice to guitarists

    Really good piece by Bill Frisell in Guitar Player magazine. I pared it down here-- the whole thing is great and everyone should read it: 1. Listen Listening is the number one thing – taking your attention away from yourself. You need to have your attention away from yourself. I don’t want...
  5. toddbishop

    THIS WEEK: Cymbal & Gong in Germany - Berlin/29th - Dresden/30th

    In 90 short minutes I'll be heading out to bring some Cymbal & Gong cymbals to Germany, for people to play and purchase, and will do a couple of meets/hangs with drummers. Berlin - Wednesday, June 29 - THOMAS RÖNNEFARTH PERCUSSION Quitzowstraße 52, 10559 - 1-5pm Dresden - Thursday, June 30 -...
  6. toddbishop

    Trying to reach a forum member who contacted me....

    Trying to reach a forum member from Washington state who contacted me about buying a cymbal-- please message me. I've been holding that cymbal for you, but can't do so indefinitely. All the other 22s are gone, and orders are coming in steadily-- I should get your contact info before somebody...
  7. toddbishop

    RIP Chick Corea

  8. toddbishop

    Anyone catch Foo Fighters on the evening inauguration event?

    Taylor Hawkins was using a four piece set with two added concert toms, a la a bunch of 70s guys, like Ndugu Leon Chancler. It sounds super cool:
  9. toddbishop

    Jon Christensen

    Someone said Jon Christensen has died. If you don't know his playing throw on Keith Jarrett's album Belonging. UPDATE: Or not? Apparently Erskine posted the news on Facebook, and then retracted it, and no one's finding confirmation of it.
  10. toddbishop

    Cymbal events in Seattle, Berlin, Dresden, Munich

    I've got some upcoming events related to Cymbal & Gong cymbals, and my retail site, Mainly, we're doing a display of cymbals at the Ballard Jazz Festival in Seattle, and meeting some drummers in Germany-- delivering cymbals, and letting people see, play, and buy Cymbal & Gong...
  11. toddbishop

    Some free s__

    Here's an entertaining video from an improvised music show the other night.
  12. toddbishop

    Does anyone use the Reunion Blues RBX cymbal bag?

    I'm looking into getting one of these for air travel. Anyone use them? Any durability issues, and any problems carrying 22" cymbals?
  13. toddbishop

    John von Ohlen has died

    Great drummer and band leader from Cincinnati-- great drummer, and mentored a hell of a lot of people. Excerpts from his Modern Drummer interview by Scott Fish here. Reread that about twenty times back in the day...
  14. toddbishop

    Interchangeability of Tama tom brackets!

    Lots of tom tom questions this week-- trying to add a new drum and upgrade the bastard mounting system I have on my Gretsch set. So: Does anyone know if the current Star Classic/Quick Lock or MTB30 tom brackets are interchangeable with the old style Super/Imperial/Swingstar-style brackets...
  15. toddbishop

    tom mounts with 1" posts

    Does anybody know which companies' tom mounts (mounted on the bass drum) use 1" posts? I know Gretsch, Tama, and Gibraltar use that size. Anyone else?
  16. toddbishop

    RIMS mounts with Yamaha?

    Hey, has anybody used Gauger RIMS mounts with Yamaha hardware? Any funny issues with getting the brackets on the RIMS, or mounting the drum on the tom holder? I'm adding a tom tom to my Gretsch set, and it's time to ditch the crummy Tama mount I've been putting up with for too bloody long. 12"...
  17. toddbishop

    Marvin Dahlgren has died

    I got this note today:
  18. toddbishop

    RIP Ben Riley

    Ben Riley, who played with Thelonious Monk in the mid 60s, has died.
  19. toddbishop

    Digital revenues: Spotify vs YouTube

    Interesting article from Digital Music News, on the current state of digital revenues for artists-- what's improving, and what needs work: Indie Labels Say Spotify Is Paying 3X Better Than YouTube. It opens:
  20. toddbishop

    RIP John Abercrombie

    Big bummer that we lost John Abercrombie yesterday, one of the greatest guitarists of the last ~5 decades. If you don't know his stuff, you're missing out-- check out: Timeless Gateway Gateway II RIP