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  1. yammyfan

    Tama Starclassic re-wrap

    Nice! They look brand new!
  2. yammyfan

    Ordered My New DW Set Today

    Congrats! Love the finish. I hope they arrive sooner than planned!
  3. yammyfan

    Should I get a Steel snare?

    The Gretsch Brooklyn steel snare is wicked good. Easy to recommend.
  4. yammyfan

    Anyone done buying gear here?

    Heck, no. :) I'm unmarried and have a house in the country all to myself. Space is not an issue. I still have my heart set on owning a set of USA Customs and a set of Classic Maples. Maybe an SQ2, too. Then there are cymbals. I'd like to give Meinl a try. So many choices!
  5. yammyfan

    45-seconds of the Zeppelin!

    You're probably one of the best players on this board, Matt. Very nice!
  6. yammyfan

    I guess I just don't like...

    Lest there's any confusion or debate - I'm not defending or condoning the use of cocaine. 😇
  7. yammyfan

    Are Birch Drums the Best for Indoor Acoustics?

    It's good to think about these kinds of things but at the same time, it is overthinking. There are many things that go into creating the sound of a drum and while wood type is one of those things, it pales in comparison to head choice, tuning, hoop material etc. Buy the best looking, highest...
  8. yammyfan

    I guess I just don't like...

    I have never met anyone who actually tried cocaine and didn't like it. 😁 There's a first time for everything, I suppose. On the drumming side, it would probably be electronic drums for me. I own a set but I can't stand the things. I turn down gigs if they're being used on the backline.
  9. yammyfan

    What's your latest purchase?

    New heads for my Gretsch rig. Going to try coated vintage Ambassadors over clear. I love what coated Ambassadors did for my DW maple set and figure that the vintage variety will work well with the Renowns. The resos on the Renowns are the original factory heads from 2020 so they're due for a...
  10. yammyfan

    Ludwig 14x5 black beauty or dw 14x5.5 NOB collectors?

    My DW stuff holds its tuning better than anything else I own, save my Renown kit. Personally, I wouldn't waste a second worrying about the true pitch rods. They work, and they work well.
  11. yammyfan

    Color trends

    I'm in the minority it seems but I love piano black drums. Maybe that's the reason why my DW set was such a good deal. :unsure:
  12. yammyfan

    Ludwig 14x5 black beauty or dw 14x5.5 NOB collectors?

    I confess to not owning a BB but I do own a DW black nickel over brass Collectors and it is the best built, best sounding snare drum that I own and the best sounding snare that I have ever played. Close second was a vintage 6.5"x14" Supraphonic but the DW Collectors is still better than that...
  13. yammyfan

    Are my toms out of tune or is this just how they sound?

    Thirded. :) Drums should be tuned much higher than what you hear on recordings and videos. That low rumbly sound can be picked up by microphones inches above the drums but from three feet away? Forget about it. If you want your drums to be heard at the back of the room, tune them much higher...
  14. yammyfan

    What kind of Yammies are these?

    Small sample size but my brother bought a Tour Custom last summer. The drum shop was very bullish on them.
  15. yammyfan

    New Brooklyn’s….silver sealer?

    If the original intent of silver sealer was to cover up inferior wood, you would think that Gretsch would have used it on its cheapest lines but the opposite is true. The cheaper kits don't get it but the ones that don't need it, do. :unsure:
  16. yammyfan

    Cheap (inexpensive) vs high dollar snaredrums....

    I could (and should) whittle my humble collection down to 2-3 good snares but I have a soft spot for inexpensive sleeper snares so I keep a few of them around. I really should sell the ones I haven't played in a couple of years.
  17. yammyfan

    Gretsch Renown for Jazz?

    The Gretsch Nitron wrapped kits are a bit more expensive than the lacquered kits. I didn't realize that until after I bought my Renown set but it wouldn't have made any difference. I still think that the Oyster wrap is one of the nicest Renown finishes.
  18. yammyfan

    Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

    Nice stuff! How do you like the Yamaha hardware?
  19. yammyfan

    Cheap (inexpensive) vs high dollar snaredrums....

    Can't say I've ever lost faith in an expensive snare but I've bought some less expensive drums that exceeded expectations. The 6.5"x14" Yamaha Stage Custom steel snare comes to mind. Generally, you only get what you pay for. Robotics and machinery have levelled the playing field a great deal...
  20. yammyfan

    Some drum porn

    I have a couple of early 2000's Ludwig kits and they both have big logos like that. I'm not a fan, either. I'll just buy an ebony head and apply an aftermarket logo to it. Simple.