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  1. drumbandit

    Recent gig I did

    Hello, I Haven't been on here in ages, just a little video of my band playing our 2nd gig the other night. Drums aren't anything spectacular neither is our band but we're just starting out. I used the K's and Istanbuls for the gig and I think they sound alright even through the handheld cam...
  2. drumbandit

    Drum cases, can anyone help?

    My band has guitar cases in this certain design (link at the bottom) and I'd really like to find out if there are any companies making drum cases specifically snare cases which are similiar in their asthetic look. Or if anyone knows any custom case makers that would really help. Cheers...
  3. drumbandit

    Brady Solid Snare

    I have the chance to buy a Brady Solid Shell snare drum which is one year old, does anybody have one or have any sound clips as I've found it hard to get much from the rest of the internet so I thought I'd ask you lot. Also does anybody know the retail price on a one piece solid snare from...
  4. drumbandit

    Paiste 200 series

    Does anyone have any info on the 200 series, I could only find that they're a discontinued line from the 80's/early 90's. The reason I ask is that there are an old pair of Paiste 200 hi-hats in my school and are they worth swapping for some crappy Zildjian ZBT hats. I'm gonna try and swap...