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  1. alparrott

    A little extra thump

    The annual Christmas benefit concert is here, and for the second year in a row I'll be holding it down in the Performing Arts Center. The show opens with an instrumental of "Carol of the Bells" inspired by Mannheim Steamroller, but a lot more tom heavy. Right before the intermission, we'll be...
  2. alparrott

    Great video of my band last year

    Unfortunately our bass player, Joe, moved away and that was pretty much it for the 509s ... he was the band leader, sound guy, and had all the connections for the gigs. But we still have the memories and the videos! This was taken at Benson Vineyards in Manson, WA above Lake Chelan late summer 2021.
  3. alparrott

    Was painting a room in the house today...

    ... got everything set up, realized I didn't have a paint stirring stick, and um, I found a way.
  4. alparrott

    Smallest and largest stages/venues you've played

    Saw a couple of gig picture threads and got a little curious to see what everyone's answer would be if I challenged you all to post pictures of the smallest stage or venue you've ever played, as well as the largest. My smallest is obvious to me (and probably many drummers from my area). The...
  5. alparrott

    Studio weekend!

    My main band has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance the past year. The personnel roster has been very volatile over the last three or four years, and eventually only the singer/songwriter/lead instrumentalist and I were left. Last year we recruited a guitarist/backup singer and a new bass player...
  6. alparrott

    Learning to play at all dynamic levels = more opportunities

    My classic rock covers band is well known in our area for being able to morph into anything the customer needs. Weddings, memorials, birthday parties, disco dance parties, and of course bar and winery gigs, we've hit the mark on all of the above. A LOT of this success, I chalk up to us knowing...
  7. alparrott

    Ten years later, what's changed with your playing?

    Just thinking back on what has happened to me/with me over the last ten years of playing and thought it'd be interesting to share and learn from you. - Been in two bands long-term (one since 2010 with a three-year hiatus, one for the past four years) - Slimmed down from my ridiculous seven- or...
  8. alparrott

    Forgot my hi-hat stand... here we go! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. alparrott

    Instead of a 12/14/16, maybe I could do a 13/15/16...?!

    TL;DR: I want a one-up/two-down kit. Would a 13/15/16 work for someone who likes 12/14/16 sizes? And would a 12x15 marching snare conversion work? Background: I have a much-beloved set of Ludwig Standards (13/16/22) that someone rescued from a dumpster and gave to me, and I put significant...
  10. alparrott

    Great pics from a festival gig this week

    Now that things are eased up a little bit in our town, the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival is back, and both of my bands played the main stage last week. Some kind soul got some great shots of the band during our set. It's good to be back playing live music!
  11. alparrott

    Live stream recording for your perusal

    My original singer-songwriter band (actually, like the twentieth iteration of it) did a live stream concert last night. I think overall it came out pretty well, even though my hands had a a LOT of dumb through the show. This is an unplugged set with a few rockers, a few slow songs, a few cover...
  12. alparrott

    Help with hand pain, stiffness

    Last night was my first gig back with either of my regular bands after the musical, and in my opinion it went poorly. I had numerous issues, but the biggest one going on right now is that I'm having a lot of stiffness and pain in my hands, and it's really giving them the dumb when it comes time...
  13. alparrott

    A cautionary tale: The band that apparently never was

    A friend of mine Facebooked me a link to this article last night, and I found myself unable to stop clicking through the succession of articles documenting the European tour of a metal band that apparently only ever existed in its namesake's head...
  14. alparrott

    The "Every Snare You've Ever Owned" thread

    So we've got a "show off your snare" thread, a "your go-to gigging snare" thread, and a "how many kits have you owned?" thread, and I wanted to kick off a new thread that combines all those thoughts - how many snares have you owned? Which were they? And which are your favorites? 1) 1960s Ludwig...
  15. alparrott

    Rediscovering your "other" gear

    Ever since I rehabbed a set of Ludwig Standards (about 5 years ago), they've been my primary kit - recording, gigs, goofing around, you name it. For the most part, my other drums (first-gen Yamaha Stage Custom) have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I did pull them out for a jazz gig...
  16. alparrott

    Next musical: "Little Shop Of Horrors"

    Musical pit drumming is very near and dear to my heart, and I was gutted when my local theatre company "went a different direction" a few years back and I stopped getting calls for productions. Fortunately, I still have a pretty good reputation and just got picked up for an eleven-show run of...
  17. alparrott

    Melodic drumming story on NPR Music

    A lot of what is being discussed here is pretty 101 and is meant for non-musos. But I think this NPR Music clip deserves a little discussion, for two reasons: 1) I thought Allison Miller did a really good job of explaining the concepts and demonstrating them without watering it down, getting...
  18. alparrott

    Back to the pit with me! "Little Shop of Horrors" October/November

    I used to be pretty busy in local theater as a pit musician. Lately it's been bands and other musical projects, but I just got offered the chair for our local theatre company's production of "Little Shop" for 11 shows in October and November. It will be good to get back into the swing of things...
  19. alparrott

    Well this is humbling: Hit Like A Girl, Bonham edition

    So I think we can all put away excuses for another day.
  20. alparrott

    The one piece of gear you'll take to the grave

    Forgive the overly melodramatic thread title. My recent experiences haggling and shopping for cymbals, discussing favorite rides and snares and things, got me thinking about what pieces of gear I simply would not sell, trade or give away for any reason. I thought it would be an interesting...