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    Carter Beauford 2022 replica

    Latest pictures of my replica of Carter's 2022 touring kit! Yes this kit stays at my church. Complete overkill for worship music, but they love it, and of course not everything is used. With a toddler at home nowadays, my drumming space is limited, so I at least get to practice any time I...
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    Iem realization

    Amazing to me how these cheap CCA/KZ iems are destroying my custom Ultimate Ears dual drivers. I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation here before, but it's been a while. I've noticed at shows and listening to music, I'm cranking the bass for drums and not getting much on my customs...
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    Huge gig this past weekend - Benton, AR

    Hey guys! Had a huge show this weekend with my band. I've been trying for years to get on to the Amplify Music Festival here in Arkansas, and this year it finally happened. Multi band show with Danny Gokey and Casting Crowns headlining. Huge stage, amazing sound and light crew. Backline kit...
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    Biggest show I've played - opening for TobyMac!

    Got to open for a Christian music legend last night, TobyMac! This was easily the most people I've ever played in front of... Probably close to 6 or 7k by the time our set finished. It was also one of the worst days I've ever experienced as far as heat and exhaustion. It was 102 when we...
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    Best wife ever! (New Tama Spotted Gum)

    Guys, marry a woman that's your best friend and knows exactly what you want as far as new gear. Our 10 year anniversary is this coming Thursday and we went on and did gifts tonight since we'll be traveling during our actual anniversary. She ended up getting me the exact snare many of you have...
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    Tama SLP Spotted Gum - who here owns one?

    Hey guys. I'm not looking at buying another snare soon, more so just curious. My next snare (if I do) though, will likely be an Australian wood, looking mostly like Spotted Gum. The Tama SLP is getting rave reviews from what I've seen. At 1k and up for the Evetts and Brady models, is there...
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    Beauford kit featured in Modern Drummer Magazine for April 2022!

    Very fortunate to have my Carter Beauford replica drum kit featured in Modern Drummer Magazine for April 2022 Kit of the Month! This was an update from years ago when it was featured. Thought I'd share!
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    Temple Drums Brazilian Rosewood!

    I don't see much talk about Temple Drums out of Houston here much, but they seem to be a pretty great company. They do a lot of high end, solid steambent shells with a free floating strainer system. I had inquired about this Brazilian Rosewood snare 2 or so years ago. I doubted it was actually...
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    Zildjian KCon Rides as crashes

    Hey guys. Any of you here into the trend of using big, thin rides as your primary crash cymbals? I've always been curious about seeing some of my favorite drummers such as Ronnie Vannuccci playing rides for crashes, so the last year or 2, I've tried it. I'm absolutely floored by them, and it's...
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    DW Collectors Limited Edition Santos Rosewood

    Some of you may know my love for Rosewood snare drums. I've had quite a few over the years, and am now at 3 keepers. Erik at Cymbalfusion had DW make these limited edition 14x7 Collectors Santos Rosewood 15 Ply snares. This mug is HEAVY. Was pretty shocked when I picked it up. As usual, DW...
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    Pork Pie Copper - wow

    Haven't been feeling metal snares lately, but have really been curious about copper. According to most, the Ludwig copperphonic combines the best of the black beauty, 402, and the wood drums in one. I completely agree with this Pork Pie variant. It's an absolutely stunning sounding and looking...
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    New Zildjian Concept 24" Orchestral Ride

    Zildjian released 3 new models in the concept line last week (24" Orchestral Ride, 22" Mega Doom, and 14/15" Fat hats.) I picked up the 24 based off the videos, and I'm glad I did. This will replace my 24" K light ride for the time being. Gorgeous ride and crash! I feel this is nearly a 24"...
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    '21 Carter Beauford Replica Kit updates

    For anyone who keeps up and is a Carter fan, here's my replica update with his changes for this year!
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    My kit opening for Crowder

    Hey guys! Had a huge show Saturday and had to share some pics and video. We were able to open for Crowder again at our big theme park here in Arkansas. It was a wet day with 80% chance of rain and storms through the entire show. Through load in and load out, not a single drop hit. It was...
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    18" Zildjian Azuka Salsa Timbale Cymbal

    Hey guys! Picked this beauty up this week and I think I love it! This is the long discontinued 18" Zildjian Azuka Salsa Timbale Cymbal. Carter Beauford used to use one of these back in the early days and you could hardly ever hear it as far back as it was on his kit. It always intrigued me, and...
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    The 3 kits of mine! Yamaha RC and Pearl!

    Latest pictures of my 3 kits! I recently received the walnut stain 1983 Pearl M Series Maple. Absolutely incredible sounding kit! Pearl session studio select for the big shows, and my Carter Beauford replica!
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    Latest Hat creation - 15" K Dark Thin Crash over 15" Avedis

    Hey guys! Wanting to get back into 15" hats, I thought I'd try a new mismatched pair. I recently had a 15" K dark thin over a 90s new beat bottom, and I'm still kicking myself for selling that bottom. That was a great pair. So, I got a 15" A Avedis bottom weighting 1404g. It feels some lighter...
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    20" Reverie Drums Versa Stack!

    For anyone into the clap stack thing lately, I highly recommend checking out Reverie Drums (Stack Ring Percussion) Versa Stacks. These are incredibly cool, and much cheaper than the Istanbul Agop models. My 20" came today and I'm in love with it. Thought I'd share!
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    22" Zildjian rides as crashes

    Hey guys. Lately I've been into the huge cymbal thing for my small kit setup. I love the wash, the warmth, just how they sound in the mix. I started with 20s and have been adding some 22s. I got a very light 22" A Avedis Crash/Ride yesterday, and it seems to have paired perfectly with my 22"...
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    The current snare collection!

    Finally got a good shot of all my snares together, minus 1 which is for sale. It's been a seemingly never ending journey to get to these, and I'm sure something will eventually change, but I am finally at a happy place where I no longer NEED any more snare drums. It feels good. I've certainly...