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  1. iCe

    Calling Pearl Masters owners past and present

    Looks like an older model, but judging from just one pic looks like in a good condition! If you get it be sure to swap those ISS mounts for optimounts though.
  2. iCe

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Nice! Snuck in some Paragons it seems? :)
  3. iCe

    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    Zildjian Crash of Doom. Looks like it went out, got absolutely hammered and ran face first into a lamppost. But it does sound amazingly good!
  4. iCe

    For those of you with foreign spouses...

    No, but knowing Germans, you'd probably get a complimentary Jägermeister with your order of schnitzel and beer anyway, so you're not far off anyway :p
  5. iCe

    For those of you with foreign spouses...

    The only German you'll even need is 'darf Ich bitte ein Jägerschnitzel mit ein grosses bier, bitte' ;) Don't know if i spelled it right; had German in middle school for 2 years and that's over 25 years ago hehe. Dutch and German are similar in many ways, but still i struggle with translating...
  6. iCe

    “Playing with albums is the only thing you ever need to practice”

    Playing along with records helped me understand the basics of songs, but learning the tricky part of a song is still 'old fashioned' practicing. Especially with writing your own music. We have a song that features a double pass part with the right and left foot alternating being in the lead. No...
  7. iCe

    Who uses 13" hats?

    Actually he switched to the 14" Paragons as main for the last few tours and used an Artisan hi-hat on the x-hat. (Time Machine tour and up)
  8. iCe

    What piece of gear didn't live up to expectation.

    Recently tried a pair of Paiste Signature 14" Sound Edge hi-hats. Sounded very nice on the samples and recordings, but when i got them they just weren't doing it for me. Because of they wavy bottom i got too much sloshy sound, even when closed tightly. But in the end that has made me realize...
  9. iCe

    We finally moved to a new hoster!

    From The Netherlands here and it almost feels like a home game, but for the record:
  10. iCe

    Anyone try the new Attack heads by Cardinal Percussion yet?

    Now you mentioned it, it doesn't list Attack anymore on his website. Still spot them in his recent vids though, wonder if he would go back to Remo.
  11. iCe

    Who uses 13" hats?

    My main hats are 14" New Beats and i have the 13" on my x-hat for many years. Did occasionally swap them, but i prefer the sound of the 14" as main hats. The 13" do make excellent x-hats though, they cut through and the closed sound i much more prefer of the 14". But when i open them they have...
  12. iCe

    Scott Travis / Judas Priest setup

    Same with Dave Lombardo, he sits really low too. Whatever feels comfy! And if he has back problems, I'm sure he has a healthy supply of Painkillers
  13. iCe

    70's power toms

    It's hard to tell. I do know that during the 80's and early 90's 14 and 15" floor toms/hanging toms were popular (as "floor toms"), instead of the 14 and 16". Did spot some older kits with 10,12,13,14 and 15" toms on sites like eBay. But like stated before, those sizes are not really popular...
  14. iCe

    What's your latest purchase?

    The finish looks amazing! Almost reminds me of the Yamaha Live Custom. And wood hoops, those always look so classy to me. Enjoy!
  15. iCe

    A drummer association word game.

    EDIT: Never mind. Replied with an answer that was already given and wrong hehe
  16. iCe

    How many Crashes?

    I prefer 3, but when not playing my own kit I only use two (mostly because that means having less to haul around).
  17. iCe

    Your Paiste Cymbal Rig

    Decided to return the Sound Edge hats. Had a good session with them, but realized it was not the sound i wanted. Expected them to be a bit louder than they were, so thinking of maybe Power/Heavy hats or 602 ME 15" hats. Initially thought about Rudes, but they lack the obvious complexity compared...
  18. iCe

    Work confidentiality

    I can understand where you come from. It's a pretty big organization (around 30.000 people in total, our region of the division has around 140 people working) and although my position is not the most popular one, I'm not the only one (luckily) and it's not that hard to get a replacement if they...
  19. iCe

    Work confidentiality

    Reminds of a similar story many years ago. I had a feeling this girl I knew was very loose lipped about what I told, so I made up a bogus story really liking another girl (girl X) and whaddayaknow... next time I was in our mutual fav bar I got asked about liking girl X by someone else and I knew...
  20. iCe

    Movies about Music

    I think I haven't spotted it in here yet, did spot a few YouTube vids which I can't see over here, but Crossroads (1986) Really liked that movie watched it recently on Disney+ or Netflix. Nice story about a classic guitar player that wants to play the blues and goes on a trip to learn to play...