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  1. iCe

    Work confidentiality

    Hey all, This is more to write things down and calm myself. I see a lot of respect for each other here and I feel safe enough to share this, so this is a compliment for this board :) I've applied for another job/function in our organization. I've only told my direct co-workers and my manager...
  2. iCe

    A fresh start

    I've been using a fairly big setup for 2 to 3 years now and have been loving it. I didn't need to haul it around, only needed to set it up and tear it down after every rehearsal (there was storage available at our old studio). We've left that studio and we're still looking for a new space...
  3. iCe

    Nicko McBrain's New Kit

    Just spotted this on YouTube yesterday and didn't see it pop up here. Thought I'd share it. Artwork on the shells is superb! Kit sounds amazing as well. Really love the high pitched sounded of the 6 and 8, going down in pitch and ending with the thunder of the 15, 16 and 18". Regretting more...
  4. iCe

    Looking for suggestions (please close)

    Got no replies, but this thread is no longer relevant. Please close/delete :)
  5. iCe


    Hey all, I notice a lot of spam/scam post the last few weeks and they seem to increase. I keep reporting them and also ignoring them, but it's getting out of hand it seems. Maybe an option that new members can only make new posts after 5 replies or something like that? That might not be fair...
  6. iCe

    Pearl Masterworks - Experiences ordering

    Hey all, I have a set of Pearl Masters BCX drums. Those have sadly been discontinued a few years ago. I want to expand my set and have been looking for add-ons for years now, to no avail. So i decided to try to get a 13x10" tom for my set and order it as a Masterworks tom. Just in the same...
  7. iCe

    Hi-hat bottom warped?!

    Hi everyone, Earlier i posted about that my bottom hi-hat wasn't horizontal on the stand anymore. I was convinced that the felt on the stand was in need of replacement, so yesterday i replaced everything. At first it looked ok, but during playing i noticed that the bottom was tilted again in...
  8. iCe

    Pearl 10x5" Steel Firecracker Snare

    Hey all, In the "Wood or Metal" thread i had a small conversation about the number of snares and posted that i don't have the need for an auxiliary (side) snare, but what do you know... it got me thinking and i think i do want one haha. I have a 14x4" piccolo snare, but i'm looking for a...
  9. iCe

    Can't decide on heads for Rocket Toms

    I have a 3 Pearl Rocket Toms (Pearl's version of the octoban made out of aluminum) and currently use the 6x15 and 6x18". Still using the Remo clear Ambassadors which came on them, but after a good while i find i want a bit fuller sound. The Ambassadors sound a bit 'thin' to me. Since i have...
  10. iCe

    Identifying Premier kit

    Hi all! For years I've been searching for info about the gear Pete Kircher used when he was with Status Quo (1982 - 1985) to no avail. Even e-mailed Paiste about it, but sadly all info was lost. The only thing i know are the things on the pics: Premier drums and Paiste cymbals. Anyway, the...
  11. iCe

    New rack idea

    Hi all, I have a Pearl DR-80 rack and i'm starting to notice the limitations of that rack. Mainly that the rack bars just have a set height and can't be lowered. I'm thinking of getting a new rack and start to explore the options. Really interested in the rack in the pics below, because that...
  12. iCe

    The Neverending Quest to the Perfect Setup

    Hi everyone, Just out of curiosity i thought i'd post this question: do you also change your setup on regular basis or think about changing it? I'm one of those drummers who likes to have a big setup because i have a lot of 'sonic choices'. I also like a small setup, so that everything is...
  13. iCe

    How a Paiste gong is made

    Just saw this on my Facebook timeline and thought i would share it here. Amazing to look at! Guess that's why gongs are so expensive if you need that much employees to move and help create it haha Always wondered how they 'lathed' a gong and now i know; by hand :eek:
  14. iCe

    My Pearl Masters BCX

    I thought I'd just leave these here :) Still struggling to find a sweet spot for the rocket toms, but i like them there. The downside is that the china is less accesable, so this is a temporary compromise
  15. iCe

    Lower tuning rack toms

    Hi all, Yesterday while playing my kit it started to annoy me that the rack toms sound too high pitched for my likings. I've been struggling to tune them to where I like them for a while now. I have a Pearl Masters BCX, which are birch drums. The bass drums and floor toms are awesome, but the...
  16. iCe

    Mounting Pearl rocket toms

    Hi all, I have two Pearl rocket toms and have been struggling since i got them to mount them in a comfortable position. I would love to mount them above my hats so that with fills they flow more nicely into the rest of the toms, but with the (bulky) Pearl hardware it's kind of hard to do. Tama...
  17. iCe

    My Pearl Vision VBA in Dynamite Burst

    Hi all! Sadly our basement rehearsal space in an old university was going to be demolished and that meant looking for a new rehearsal space. We went back to a place where we've been before (2012 or so). For the last year or so i was using my trusty Pearl Masters BCX kit. I want to check the...
  18. iCe

    My Pearl Masters BCX double bass kit

    Last weekend i took my VBA home from the practice space i use with my prog rock/metal 'band' Quivermore. I converted it to an e-kit and took my BCX to the practice space last monday. I spent roughly 2 hours setting it up and tuning them. Then played it for an hour or so and finetuned everything...
  19. iCe

    Cakewalk and Superior Drummer 3

    Cakewalk and Superior Drummer 3 - FIXED I have a weird issue with Cakewalk and SD3. I use my Alesis DM10 as trigger input. When i play SD3 on it's own, it triggers fine and plays great. When i load SD3 in Cakewalk as a VST Synth/Plugin, something weird happens. If i play the kit without...
  20. iCe

    Pearl VBA in Dynamite Burst

    Hey all! Thought it would be nice to show some pics of my Pearl Vision. Got this kit in December 2012 to replace my old Osan Runner kit (which started to fall apart (literally) after 10 years of use). I still use it at least once a month when i play together with a guitar player. I keep it at a...