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  1. C. Dave Run

    Should I get a Steel snare?

    Pearl makes a quality steel snare. The older ones with the extended wires are really nice. Wish I still had mine. The 3x13 steel piccolo is on my list.
  2. C. Dave Run

    3 things to remember before every gig.

    This is why #1 is first 🙂.
  3. C. Dave Run

    Are Birch Drums the Best for Indoor Acoustics?

    Eithe way it's still geometry. You need shell diameter and thickness. Then just figure out where the bearing edge sits on its respective shell and compare their radii.
  4. C. Dave Run

    Perhaps Silly Bearing Edge Question

    I answered the question as best I could in the other thread. It's a matter of geometry. Now that's out of the way, here's another silly bearing edge question: Why is the profile closer to the outside of the shell and not straight up the inner wall? Inside the inner wall is where everything...
  5. C. Dave Run

    Are Birch Drums the Best for Indoor Acoustics?

    This is number dependent and the answer will vary depending on shell thicknesses. 12mm is about 1/2". That's 1/4" shorter from center. If the normal shell is 1/4" thick, then no. The undersized shell would fit inside the normal shell. I hope that made sense.
  6. C. Dave Run

    I guess I just don't like...

    Now if science can genetically modify a banana to have a fat bud inside instead of food that would be pretty cool.
  7. C. Dave Run

    Help Identifying My Snare

    Either way, someone went to town on it.
  8. C. Dave Run

    3 things to remember before every gig.

    1. Always pee before the show. Always. 2. Drink lots of water during the show. 3. Have fun.
  9. C. Dave Run

    Football Soccer World Cup

    Yes. I dont watch football, american or otherwise. The tv was telling me Iran was a better team. I had no reason not to believe it.
  10. C. Dave Run

    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    Looks like the snare of a Sith lord. I dig it.
  11. C. Dave Run

    Football Soccer World Cup

    Wow. Didnt see that coming.
  12. C. Dave Run

    Help Identifying My Snare

    This thing has been spray painted or something, like almost the whole thing. Hoops and lugs are painted also. Masking tape and a razor blade. I'm gonna say if the heads are taken off, there will be a fuzzy paint line from a head collar on both sides. Same with the lugs, no paint underneath.
  13. C. Dave Run

    MacGuyver tips and tricks??

    Haha no. Demon Drive is a Pearl kick pedal model. That is a Cannon Percussion pedal. To fix it, the chain end goes with the screw on the footboard. It goes underneath the footboard however, not on top. Under the footboard is a wire thingy. This is a radius rod. The ends of it plug into a hole...
  14. C. Dave Run

    My feet aren't working

    Depends. Are you a metal drummer? Is double kick a requirement? If the answer to both of these is yes, power through it. You will have days where you are required to play but are worn out and dont want to. This is where powering through shines. If your answer to the above is no, then rest...
  15. C. Dave Run

    MacGuyver tips and tricks??

    That doodad is a multiclamp. You can clamp one side to a stand and put a tube thing (tom arm/cymbal boom/percussion mount) in the other. To add a cymbal, use the clamp and one of these:
  16. C. Dave Run

    The deal of the year

  17. C. Dave Run

    Notes and Spaces

    Was it this?
  18. C. Dave Run

    Weak Hand and Foot Practice Area

    That's fantastic. I do this myself, but with my throne. Still in the living room in front of the tv of course.
  19. C. Dave Run

    Artstar II

    Looks like parts of either the Black album tour kit or the Justice tour kit. It's hard to tell from the video, but they dont look white to me, rather a light grey color. Both kits had black hardware so that is of no help.
  20. C. Dave Run

    What is up with these cymbals?

    According to the net, bronze patina can be red, brown, black, green, or blue. I cannot find anything explaining how this happens naturally. There are also some articles about using heat to color bronze patina.