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  1. C. Dave Run

    If You Put the ReelFeel Pad on a Snare Drum... actually makes it quieter. I needed my stand to be about 3" taller with just the pad. I had no way to make it taller, so I put an unused snare on it. I then put the pad on the drum. I had actually expected it to make the tapping louder. I was both surprised and pleased as I use the pad in...
  2. C. Dave Run

    RIP Gallagher

    Comedian Gallagher passed this morning at 76. Watermelons around the world have let out a sigh of relief.
  3. C. Dave Run

    Tom Preferences?

    I prefer floor toms over rack toms. I dont dislike rack toms, I just like floor toms better. What say you?
  4. C. Dave Run

    How Things Are Made

    I love this stuff. I've worked in almost every aspect of manufacturing, including design. Machines running and folks assembling products never gets old. Here is vinyl records: Fun fact, vinyl is made from PVC, same thing as plumbing.
  5. C. Dave Run

    Reply Box Looks Retro

    The text box is looking old suddenly. Replys look like this: Images look like this: Anyone else seeing this?
  6. C. Dave Run


    I went to a thread started by @SpazApproved. It had this at the top: I went to another thread and it had no tags. I clicked on the tag itself, and a box to Edit Tag popped up. What are they for? Why would I want some? Why can anyone edit them? I feel old right now.
  7. C. Dave Run

    Bands That Don't Play Live

    Could be never, could be rarely. This is about the composers, and what do y'all think about it? Some contenders: The Beatles Steely Dan Infant Annihilator I'm in it for the end result. I dont really care if the bands can play live or not. I'm sure others will feel differently. What say you...
  8. C. Dave Run

    Homemade Clamp

    I have a Pearl hi hat stand that can not be modified to rotate. I want to use my double pedal with it because I like it better than my other 2 hi hat stands. I dont have a clamp available to attach it to a secondary tripod, so I decided to make one: In use: I had a long stick of 3/4" ply...
  9. C. Dave Run

    My Wife Sent Me These

    She sends me lots of stuff. I'm just gonna start sticking them here. Feel free to do the same.
  10. C. Dave Run

    Homemade Beater

    I decided to make a tennis ball beater. I took an old wood beater that was laying around: There is a nut at the top. I removed it and took the wood ball off. I then stole a tennis ball from my kids dog Daisy, drilled two holes in it and attached it to the shaft: I like it. It's a bit wild...
  11. C. Dave Run

    Musicians for Hire App

    There is an app for everything. You can get groceries through an app. You can have a handyman come over through an app. You can get your lawn mowed through an app. There should be a musicians app. Need a drum track? Use the app to locate a drummer. Need a fill in bass player for one night? Use...
  12. C. Dave Run

    Another Sound and Heads Discussion

    Drum: 90s Premier XPK snare, birch/eucalyptus shell Heads: Evan's Hydraulic, Premier Supersonic smooth white, Aquarian Hi-Energy, Evan's 300 snare side The snare side head is not table top, but definitely tight. The snare came with the Evan's Hydraulic installed, a red one (dont know if color...
  13. C. Dave Run

    And Then There Were Three

    I would like to welcome into my own little drum family the newest editions: I am now the extremely happy owner of a Premier Genesta Purple Sparkle kit and XPK (I think) snare. The wife says no more drum sets, three is enough. Cymbals have not been capped yet. I cannot put into words, or...
  14. C. Dave Run

    Is Metal the New Rock?

    A few folks in other threads have mentioned the lack of guitar based music currently. There was also a mention of no guitar solos. I've been thinking about this since, and listening (radio), and it's pretty true. There absolutely are new guitar bands on the radio, but they have become the...
  15. C. Dave Run

    Reasons to Become a Drummer

    The wife sent me this. I love it, but am calling bs.
  16. C. Dave Run

    Buying Used

    Is there anyone who prefers to buy new? Or better yet, refuses to buy used? Just curious. This CL ad got me thinking: "YAMAHA P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Home Bundle With Wooden Furniture Stand And Bench. ***brand new***barely touched***perfect condition***no box, tossed it*** My...
  17. C. Dave Run


    We dont really talk about hip-hop/rap music. It gets a mention here or there, but doesnt seem to get much love. I'm a fan. Have been since the 80s. Anyone else?
  18. C. Dave Run


    My wife bought me a Bonsai. It only says "Bonsai" on the tag. Can anyone identify what kind of tree this is? It would help with caring for it.
  19. C. Dave Run


    Does anyone do this? I'd like to learn.
  20. C. Dave Run

    A New Idea to Confuse Yourself With

    This is something I've been working on for a couple years now. I dont have any way to record a decent video, so I'll explain as best I can. This is your reference song: The song itself doesnt matter, the basic framework of the linear beat is all that matters: H-S-H-K. I only include the song...