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  1. mrthirsty

    Subdivisions by Rush

    You even have the 1970's era Neil Peart moustache.
  2. mrthirsty

    Where do you live / where have you lived?

    Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Born and raised.
  3. mrthirsty

    What a nightmare gig! (YouTube video)

    My favorite line was "I Got to Get Out of Here". When someone is that extreme when it comes to tempo there is no reasoning with them.
  4. mrthirsty

    Billy Cobham coming to town.

    I'm amazed how Mr. Cobham is very active at 78, he's definitely taken care of himself over the years and still killing it as a musician.
  5. mrthirsty

    What's the worst drumming advice you've ever received?

    A guitar player once told me when playing the hi hat, make all the notes perfectly even, never play accents of any kind.
  6. mrthirsty

    Music that doesn't stand the test of time for you

    On my first trip to the UK in the early 80's I remember this song was everywhere, must have heard it at least a 100 times. Also seemed to be the song choice of drunken sing alongs while consuming Tennents Lager.
  7. mrthirsty


    I like "How Improving Your Load In Skills Will Lead to Faster Single Strokes". Makes for an interesting clickbait title.
  8. mrthirsty

    Burying the Beater

    You have to sing "Imagine" by John Lennon while you bury it.
  9. mrthirsty

    What's your favorite song(s) to play?

    Mustang Sally
  10. mrthirsty

    Carnivore diet.

    I've been to Oslo, beautiful city.
  11. mrthirsty

    Where did it go?

    Your avatar needs a haircut.
  12. mrthirsty

    Carnivore diet.

    I eat the PRO diet, meaning I only eat processed food.
  13. mrthirsty

    Where did it go?

    "What I find most painful about this is that I know you are a kind, generous and passionate man that I have enormous affection for. I'm concerned for your well-being and your state of mind and I'm concerned that you're going down a very, very dark path". With all due respect, you are taking...
  14. mrthirsty

    Please stop talking...

    This is sometimes referred to as the Dunning-Kruger effect, in psychology, a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the...
  15. mrthirsty

    What do you do...

    I had a guitar player in my band on cruise ships that always played too loud, it became such a problem the music director told me this had to be dealt with. After trying numerous times to get him to turn down with no luck I asked the music director to talk with him. When confronted by our boss...
  16. mrthirsty

    Ginger Baker - Elvin Jones - Art Blakey - duets..

    Love how drummers performed solos with a cigarette hanging from their mouths back in the day.
  17. mrthirsty

    Profile Enhancement and GIF Support

    The ads have disappeared today on my end, thankfully.
  18. mrthirsty

    New music video premiered tonight!

    Cool song and video, who owns the muscle car?
  19. mrthirsty

    Post The Weirdest Events In Music History

    I didn't know Bill Paxton directed the video, he's a total rock star in my eyes now.
  20. mrthirsty

    Post The Weirdest Events In Music History

    Who could forget this 80's classic.