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  1. Juniper

    Gigging Hearing Protection - Recommendations

    Played a gig the other night and worryingly about 3 songs before the end I had a loud and slightly painful ringing in my right ear which lasted for a few minutes. Fair to say it worried me. I use hearing protection for rehearsing as a rule but for gigs I do not, simply as the ear moulds I use...
  2. Juniper

    Love for the LM400 Supraphonic

    Dusted off the old (1969) LM400 Supraphonic this evening for band rehearsals. I have gotten somewhat too reliant on my 14x6.5 Black Beauty the last year as my ‘go to’ snare, so recently I’ve been taking other snares I own to rehearsals, to mix things up a little and hear and feel something...
  3. Juniper

    Ludwig P88A Throw Off

    Looking to replace my P85 on my Black Beauty and replace it with the current Ludwig offering. Quick question before I do, is the P88 compatible with using snare string as opposed to straps? It looks like it is but I've not seen anything that specifically answers this so just want to be 100% sure.
  4. Juniper

    Anyone had a power outage at a gig before?

    Playing a show Saturday night. Before arriving at the venue I already had my doubts that it wouldn’t go without any hitches, from a culmination of things. Well, about 30 minutes into our first set half the power in the venue went out during The Foo Fighters ‘The Pretender’ Thankfully full...
  5. Juniper

    Charlie Watts - My Life as a Rolling Stone

    For those with access to the BBC they have just realeased a four part documentary series where each one covers a member of The Stones. The final part covers Charlie for an hour and was made after his passing. It's a fantastic tribute to the man and musician and also his love of Jazz and suits...
  6. Juniper

    RIP Alan White

    Unfortunately more sad news to report ——————— Alan White, our beloved husband, dad, and grandpa, passed away at the age of 72 at his Seattle-area home on May 26, 2022, after a brief illness. Throughout his life and six-decade career, Alan was many things to many people: a certified rock star...
  7. Juniper

    Some photos of the Vintage Slingerland

    Woke up full of nervous excitement yesterday morning (my football team were playing in the FA Cup final) and was almost pacing the house. After furiously mowing the front lawn for something to do and with the girls out for the day and the house to myself and the dogs I decided to set up the kit...
  8. Juniper

    The Kindness of Strangers - Gig Fundraiser

    My band did a benefit show for the victims of the Ukraine invasion last night, something we only really put together in recent days after all being upset by some of the footage that came out last weekend. After already personally donating to a fund within my small financial means but not being...
  9. Juniper

    Rehearsal Studio Issue - Spot the missing items

    Made the journey to an out of town rehearsal studio last night for band rehearsals as we have a gig this weekend. Walking into the room I was immediately came across a slight conundrum. Can anyone spot the missing items? And yes, I was forced to play like this the whole session as there...
  10. Juniper

    The Beatles - Get Back Documentary

    Has anyone started to watch this documentary? Added to Disney+ in recent days. It's a 3 part series coming up to 8 hours, covering the making of Let it Be and the bands ill fated plans for a live show at Twickenham Studios, before they changed the idea to the rooftop show. They set themselves...
  11. Juniper

    I did a BBC radio interview recently - The Drummer Talks!!

    My covers band was recently approached by the BBC to promote our first gig, which took place on Halloween eve. They asked for a couple of our five members to join live on air for an interview and I was very happy not to do it and leave it to the others, however as the date approached and the...
  12. Juniper

    My (new) 1970's Slingerland

    I've posted about this kit on the general forum but humour me for a new kit thread, as I don't do these often 😂 Picked up this 3 ply maple/polar earlier on the week to have a kit where we're currently based (my other kits are in storage in another part of the UK currently) I've wanted this...
  13. Juniper

    Returning to drumming after nearly two years

    After 22 long months away I can finally count down the hours to playing again. After taking a hiatus back in August 2019 (for the impending birth of our firstborn) it’s been nice for some time away for more time to bond with her, but as gigs have been off the last 15 months I haven’t been able...
  14. Juniper

    Floppy Disk Snare Trick

    A bit of fun and something I stumbled across on Instagram via a drummer called Justin Heaverin. Pretty cool trick where it looks like you can control the amount of dampening resting on the batter head, depending on how you hit the snare drum...
  15. Juniper

    Appreciating Your Bandmates

    Something I’ve been struggling with at times the last couple of weeks so excuse the essay. A couple of weeks ago, like most evenings, I’d returned home after walking my dogs and was sitting in our garden with them cooling off. To kill some time I opened up Twitter to find a band mate/friends...
  16. Juniper

    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    It’s being reported this morning that unfortunately he has passed away at 91 years of age. I’ll be shortly putting on Kind of Blue in tribute. RIP
  17. Juniper

    New Drum History Book - worth checking out

    Not seen this mentioned on here yet but for those that like to read up on the history of our instrument there's been an impressive & comprehensive book recently published called Kick It - A Social History of the Drum Kit. Comes in at an impressive 320 pages and covers the history over the last...
  18. Juniper

    Free Hudson Music book

    Received an email earlier from Hudson Music who are giving away a free digital book, made up of samples from some of their existing publications as below. Contains content from the below books Steve Smith: Pathways of Motion Mark Guiliana: Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset Tommy Igoe...
  19. Juniper

    The bands latest single machu picchu and Madonna's 'Material Girl'

    The bands latest single and B-Side cover were released yesterday. Recorded last August at Tilehouse Studios, London and the the final songs with me as the drummer for The Amber Bugs as I depart for incoming fatherhood duties. Finally able to share the B-Side cover of Madonnas 'Material Girl'...
  20. Juniper

    "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" - Leaving music for a while

    .....To quote John Lennon in the title. So last weekend I had to give my band my notice that I'm leaving and they had to start looking for a replacement after nearly five years together. Life's changed in the last few months and there are priorities to be taken into consideration and I no...