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    Moody drums

    Recently became the owner of a 13” x 6” jarrah stave snare drum made by Jim Moody from Melbourne. Great drum I think, wondering if there are any aficionados out there, can’t find too much info on them..
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    Vintage Ajax snare

    Hi, Got my hands on this vintage Ajax snare today. Needs a clean, a change of heads and wires but looks interesting. Anyone here know how to date this? Serial number is 50511. Cheers Dutch
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    Zildjian 6.5” splash?

    Hoping someone can help identifying this for me. It seems a regular A Zildjian splash, but it has no stamp and measures almost 6.5”. It doesn’t look cut down, sounds good and weighs 120 grams. What do you think?
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    Old Pearl snare

    Came across this Pearl snare today; 6-lug, 6-ply, 14”. Sounds good. Anyone here know what era this is? Cheers Dutch
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    I don't trust myself

    The second track we did last week as we were experimenting with recording. Great song but not at all easy to play.. A few hiccups here and there, but nevertheless we were happy with results. Speeds up a bit towards the end, but not too much - the song gets a different dynamic when the sax comes...
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    Last week's rehearsal

    Recently we started experimenting with some recording gear we have and last week recorded this song. It's not very polished (we've only played it a few times before), and especially towards the end it sort of falls apart a bit when the guitarist tries to loop, but I like the song and overall...
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    Yamaha Hipgig

    I'm looking at buying a Yamaha Hipgig that is on offer locally, but am puzzled by the model... It is not the Rick Marotta signature model, but I can't find any documentation on this version. The bassdrum model ID is BD16HG, and the snare is SD12HG. Pictures below; can anyone help? Cheers, Dutch
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    Zildjian K dark crash

    I recently acquired this 17" K Dark Crash. It's a bit unusual in that it does not have "medium", "thin" or otherwise in its description, just "Dark Crash", which I haven't come across much. The embossed details are faded and hard to read, can anyone here tell me from which decade this cymbal is...
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    Tempo change - happens to the best

    Listening to the start of the first song in this tribute concert I noticed what I thought was a sharp decline in tempo.. I suppose they mustn't be playing to a click. Listen from 3:30. This happens in my band a lot, good to see we're not alone... Dutch
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    Drums without music

    Went for a practice today but forgot my mp3-player, so nothing to play along to. I find that not easy. Recorded this; excuse the BPM variation as I settled in.. Constructive criticism welcome. Dutch
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    Yamaha signature snare drums

    Does anyone here have a complete list of the signature snare drums that Yamaha marketed over the years? I know there have been quite a few, also some rather obscure, local market-driven ones, but a comprehensive list I've never seen. Thanks, Dutch
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    Yamaha powerhoop flaking

    I have this old Yamaha SD-295 snare drum. Great drum, but the hoops are flaking terribly (possibly because they're chromed aluminium, and those two don't go together very well?). Anyway, haven't had any luck finding replacement hoops locally, so any ideas how I can improve the appearance of the...
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    Is this an A Zildjian China?

    I recently acquired this Zildjian China Boy Low cymbal. There is no mention of "A" or "Avedis" in the ink stamps, nor is there any evidence that there ever was a size stamp.. I measured it and it's 20", but is this deemed an A-series Zildjian? It's probably a few decades old, since it has no...
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    Snare bead - inward or outward?

    Looking at my Yamaha metal snare drums I notice that their beads are inward, or "indented" for want of a better word. The Pearl, Ludwig and other metal snares I see online all have outward beads. Anyone here know why a manufacturer would choose one over the other, and if there are sonic...
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    Zildjian K Con question

    Hi there, I recently acquired a new cymbal, a Zildjian K Constantinople 22" Hi Bell Dry Ride. I can't find a lot of info online for this particular type and I know it's obsolete now, so does anyone here know when they were manufactured? Thanks, Dutch