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  1. Johnny2u2

    Dropping sticks

    For the longest time I had a stick dripping habit that drove me insane! Until I tried using a traditional hand position on the snare. Haven’t dropped a stick since! Incase anyone is having the same problem try switching stick holding grip
  2. Johnny2u2

    Drum discoveries

    So I’m back to playing drums after a 20 year hiatus. And basically having to re learn a lot of what I’ve forgotten. I was practicing today and was pissed off and found quite by accident, my shitty cheap 5 piece actually sounds better than it ever has and I was wondering if anyone else has come...
  3. Johnny2u2

    Is it just me?

    While not really a fan of growl vocals if you can understand what the vocalists are saying/growling I guess that’d be ok. Something about these vocals/song/rhythm strike in me a primal string. I am Germanic Any Nordic descendants here feel the same?
  4. Johnny2u2

    Ear worm or schizophrenia?

    So I started losing my hearing noticeably from 18 on like Beethoven without the talent, I have always had tinnitus and music in my head 24/7. Always a random song, most times a decent song occasionally a crappy song. Does anyone else have this? Even though I have lost a great deal of my hearing...
  5. Johnny2u2

    Hey! How’s it going?

    Which drum or part of your kit is your favorite part? Me? I’m beginning to love the hi-hat which I find really strange but..? Shrug
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    Tech challenged

    So the last time I played in a band cassette tapes were the chit. And so I have a tech question. I’m a drummer but I also really like bass guitar. I sold my bass amp and I know you cannot use a bass on a guitar amp unless you have a DI box. Question: Can I power a bass speaker cab with a power...
  7. Johnny2u2

    Who can twirl their sticks?

    Time to flaunt your skills. Who can twirl? (Plz show a video of how to) lol
  8. Johnny2u2

    The screws on all the heads

    I noticed a long time ago drum heads were screwed in with bolts and SOME screw-nuts have springs in them whereas others do not. No springs = crap kit?
  9. Johnny2u2

    Here’s a topic I haven’t seen mentioned (updated) Thanks! I removed 1/2 of the kick drum pillows and sounds better thanks you guys

    Bass drum pillow stuffers. Is too much better than too little? What kind of “pillow” is best?
  10. Johnny2u2

    Frankenstein it!

    I’ve seen a few communities where people who have joined can create from scratch or a cover that interested people can add tracks to a song independently. I have a suspicion we could as a community create some reallllly good music?
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    Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone in this community. All been very helpful and in a few days I’ve learned a few nuggets worth remembering. Y”all are outstanding and this is the FIRST community I’ve found gold star. Prost!!!
  12. Johnny2u2

    Bass guitar amp

    I started practicing bass guitar last year but sold my amp for my drums and now am missing said amp. Does anyone have a Fender Rumble amp? That brand makes my Ibanez GROWL. Ha
  13. Johnny2u2

    Modern Genres

    Can someone tell me what genre this is? Is it a rap/metal fusion? I’m digging it
  14. Johnny2u2

    Pedals are my bane

    Can anyone steer me to good single and double bass pedals? Not too expensive. What’s a decent cheaper pedal?
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    Post in thread 'Best way to gently clean cymbals'
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