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    Does the Drum Dial serve a purpose if you're using a Tune Bot?

    I currently have both and I've been thinking about selling my Drum Dial. Before I sell it I was curious if there are any roles the Drum Dial fills that the Tune Bot cannot. Is there any specific benefit to owning both or is the Tune Bot sufficient for most people? Thanks,
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    Open handed drumming - ideal drum/cymbal placement for a right handed drummer?

    Some photos of my current layout. I feel like I should move the ride to the left side, but nothing quite feels right over there in terms of placement. I assume if I move the ride to the left I’ll want to shift my toms to the right of the bass drum? Any other feedback appreciated!
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    New to Pearl. Need advice for a Pearl Snare and your thoughts on the Masters Maple Complete/other mid-high tier Pearl drums.

    Currently own a Tama Starclassic Performer (birch) and looking to get a maple bop kit so I can move it around easily and get a different sonic profile. I currently have the opportunity to get one Pearl shell pack near dealer cost (excluding their Masterworks line) - it's a very long story and...