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    Phonic or SQ1?

    Beech v birch aside, would you gentlemen go 70s Phonic (24,13,14,16) or modern SQ1 (20, 12, 14)?
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    TAMA SC W/B 5-pc, TAMA SC Maple 3-pc, Gretsch Brooklyn 4-pc, Sonor SQ1 3-pc

    My birthday is nearing and I thought I’d treat myself to one of the aforementioned kits. Which would you choose? I know the TAMA SC Maple is in a different tax bracket, but they’re just so nice even though I’d be losing an additional tom. Disclaimer: the Yamaha Stage Custom is not part of the...
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    Just picked up a pack… Stoked. 22” ride. The 24” seemed slightly dark for me while the 22” was perfect to my ears. Meinl is criminally underrated like Mapex. That’s my message. 😂
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    What’s everyone’s thoughts?
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    Used Pearl SSC or TAMA Superstar?

    I’ve been on a spree as of late buying older kits and it’s come down to a Pearl SSC or a mid-2000 TAMA Superstar. I know it’s birch/kapur v birch/basswood. My natural bias is TAMA, but I’m open to the Pearl. I know the Pearl is a higher end kit, but what am I gaining/losing with each choice...
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    Pearl snares

    This has probably been done to death, but I just grabbed a Sensitone in nickel over brass. That Pearl pop is the best out there. Want Copeland’s snare sound? Get a Pearl (it’s what he used). Ludwig and Canopus are also kings of snare drums. Anyone like Peart’s Slingerland snare in Hold Your...
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    Sonor Sonic Plus

    Picked up a Sonor Sonic Plus, German-made, not the Plus II, China-made, and with a little chrome polish, it’s a great kit. Undersized birch shells, vertical grain. $500. I think it’s a ‘97 (maybe’95). Just wanted to share…
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    SQ1 v Classic Maple

    Yes, I know it’s premium birch v premium maple, but which would you go with? I’m trying to add to my collection until inflation makes it impossible to do so. I’m a TAMA man, and their kits are usually affordable, but I figured I’d expand to a legacy brand. I’m assuming the build quality is...
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    Fav finishes?

    I’m terrible at choosing colors and I often ask others to help me decide. I do know what I don’t like, but it’s always problematic when I’m faced with two finishes I do like. Here’s the breakdown: Gray: acceptable, but boring Brown: plain, smacks of 70s deco Natural/Wood: depends, but usually...
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    Poll: most versatile

    Just curious…
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    Largest companies

    Most drum companies are private and do not release annual revenue reports. I’m assuming DW is the largest considering their acquisition of Gretsch (according to Fred Gretsch) and their PDP lines: DW, Gretsch, and PDP sales would be considered DW revenue I’m assuming with each company retaining...
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    Best/worst customer service?

    Just curious about everyone’s experience with their respective brands’ customer service… How would you rate your experience(s)? I’ve heard positive things about Pearl, but I haven’t read much about other brands. This matters as much to me as what I’m hearing when scouting for new kits. I will...
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    Which would you keep?

    Long story, but I may have to choose between keeping my Tama 4-pc Starclassic W/B or my Sonor 3-pc SQ1. I know the obvious choice would be the Sonor to many, but I do like my Tama and I grew up loving the brand. I bought both because I wanted both. In terms of sound, they’re both amazing for...
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    I currently own a Renown, a Design, and a Pearl DMP. I love Ludwig, but the Starclassics are phenomenal. Question: is the Tama worth another $300-$400 over the Neusonic (Ludwig changed the spurs on the new releases)? I enjoy playing rock and psychedelic jazz. Every genre sounds good with the...