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  1. MrWriter

    Is this possible on an acoustic kit?

    Ok, all, sorry for the vague title to this thread, but it's all I could think of. Here goes. I currently only own a Roland TD-15 (heavily upgraded) electronic kit, but I now have to buy an acoustic kit, but there are a few caveats. The reason I need an acoustic kit is because I'm working on...
  2. MrWriter

    Which of these Hi-Hat stands?

    I'm looking to get a better, upgraded, Hi-Hat stand to replace my budget Mapex model. There are two reasons I want to change my cheap Mapex hat stand, first, the footboard on the Mapex is just too darn long for my liking. My heal rest not on the heel rest, but about an inch up the footboard...
  3. MrWriter

    V-Drums Hi-Hat stand messing up my technique?

    So, is this just how electronic Hi-Hats on a traditional Hi-Hat stand are or is there a fault or set-up issue with mine? I have a Roland V-drums kit, decent one, with a Roland VH-11 Hi-Hat mounted onto a Mapex Hi-Hat stand. The trouble I have with this (and I’ve heard from a V-drummer friend...
  4. MrWriter

    What's up with my 'brain'?

    Anybody else have this issue? I consider myself fairly ambidextrous but with certain hi-hat kick patterns I find I lose the timing and rhythm of the kick due to my right hand crossing over my body to the hat. However, if I play the same lick with my right hand out to the right on the ride I...
  5. MrWriter

    Swapping parts between Yamaha FP9500c & Yamaha FP8500c pedals - how?

    Ok, this is a strange post but I'm hoping somebody on here might have done something similar and advise me on how to do it before I attempt this and, potentially, bugger up two expensive pedals. I have a Yamaha FP9500c pedal that I bought just a month ago and I love it except one thing, the...
  6. MrWriter

    Recording audio directly from TD-15 into iPhone?

    Recording audio directly from TD-15 into iPhone? Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to record audio directly out of a Roland TD-15 via either the headphone out of the larger jack output directly into an iPhone 12 that has a Lightning socket. I want to record a video of the drums with the...
  7. MrWriter

    Will a KD-120 kick pad fit with my Roland rack?

    Will a KD-120 kick pad fit with my Roland rack? I have a Roland TD-15 KV that has the MDS-9V drum stand that came with it. I currently have the KD-10 kick pad, which is nice, but it does have a tendency to rock sideways a little and it makes too much noise and just does not ‘feel’ right. I...
  8. MrWriter

    Will Calhoun - best drummer in the world for me!

    Ok, I’ve been a massive Living Colour fan since their debut album, Vivid, and the superb follow up, Times Up. Their next album, Stain, was a tad questionable for me and lacking the overall genius and funky rock style of the first two albums and I feel that the new bassist, Doug Wimbish, lacks...
  9. MrWriter

    Drummers in Cambridgeshire, UK - help!

    Drummers in Cambridgeshire, UK - anybody help me with this? Ok, bit of an odd request. I’m working on Trinity College Grade 8 Rock & Pop Drums, but I only have a Roland V-drum kit and for Trinity Grade 7 and 8 you have to do the performance on an acoustic kit. Of course I can practice up the...
  10. MrWriter

    My feedback on these Roc N Soc thrones

    Ok, so I have owned the crappiest drum stool since January 2022. It’s like a cheap one that comes with budget kits. Crap hardware, single braced, and the seat top is only 12-inches across and not that well padded and it wobbles and swivels etc. So I decided that the stool was affecting my...
  11. MrWriter

    Wider diameter hi-hat upgrade to Roland VH-11?

    I currently have a Roland VH-11 hi-hat on my V-drums kit, but I have a slight issue with in and that is ‘reach’. I sometimes find that I miss the edge of the hi-hat when playing and I can’t pull my Mapex hat stand closer towards me or the heel of my foot ends up coming back under my knee so I...
  12. MrWriter

    Best way to clean Roland plastic cymbals

    My Roland CY-12C, CY-13R and CY-15R are all starving to look light grey with dust and scuffs etc. What's the best way/method/product to get them back to a nice matt black colour without spending a fortune on some silly NASA type spray.
  13. MrWriter

    My thoughts on all these recent pedals

    My thoughts on these recent pedals that I bought and, in most instances, returned for a refund. Ok guys, you might remember that I recently posted a ‘Which of these 3 pedals for speed and easy of playability?”. Well I thought I’d put up a fresh post with my experiences and findings of several...
  14. MrWriter

    Best, most sturdy, throne stand

    After much research I've decided to buy a Roc n Soc motorcyle saddle, but I need to figure out the best and most sturdy stand for it. I'm assuming Rock n Soc use the industry standard 7/8" spigot throne base on their seats? If so I'd need a stand that has this 'exact' fitting. Any...
  15. MrWriter

    Thrones: Round or Saddle - opinions?

    Thrones: round or saddle - opinions? I have the crappiest cheap little drum throne on the planet with a top diameter of just 12-inches across and I’m convinced this is messing up my quick doubles on the kick as it feels like I’m almost going to fall off the right edge of the throne when I have...
  16. MrWriter

    Yamaha 2-Way Felt/Plastic Beater on V-drum head?

    I’ve just purchased a Yamaha FP9500C pedal that has a 2-way beater with felt one side and plastic the other. I’m using it with a Roland KD-10 V-drum and (though I don’t know why) that you are not supposed to use felt beaters on the KD-10 or KD-9 and that you should use the plastic side of the...
  17. MrWriter

    Which of these 3 pedals for speed and ease of playability?

    Which of these pedals for speed and easy to play? I currently have a Tama HP200P kick pedal, but I find it is a bit heavy and slow and it’s hard for me to play those fast ‘double kicks’ in semiquaver patterns. My Tama HP200P is a little like ‘welcome to the world of treacle’ where trying to...
  18. MrWriter

    Roland TD-15 module not sending MIDI data over USB? Help!

    My TD-15 is not transmitting MIDI data to my computer via the USB out. I'm using the computer USB out on the TD-15 (not the memory stick socket) and I've tried two different USB cables and I've done a factory reset on the TD-15 itself also, and it has the latest firmware. I did all this on the...
  19. MrWriter

    Snare upgrade recommendation for PDX-100 on TD-15 please?

    I have a Roland TD-15 kit that I've upgraded a little, but want to upgrade the snare drum now. I've added a CY-15R so I have a 12-inch crash, a 13-inch second crash and the new ride and I've also added another PDX-100 to use as a fourth tom, before their was only a PDX-100 as a floor tom and now...
  20. MrWriter

    Roland CY-15R to TD-15, latter does not have right input trigger?

    I just bought a Roland CY-15R cymbal for my TD-15 kit but the cymbal has. two output jacks for bell, bow, edge etc, but my TD-15 module only has one 'Crash 2' trigger in so when I connect a single cable I only have edge and bow of the cymbal, but no bell. Suggestions?