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    Drum set mascot/luck charm?

    New sticks . I have three new pairs at every show. Pricey , yes. But I can’t stand the feel of old sticks on a show. Weird , I know 🤣
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    pinstripe or powerstroke 3 BD head?

    So … I’m not sure by what you mean “work “. All drum heads work on drums
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    Remo Pinstripe

    Yep. It’s probably the best use for pinstripe ( on a bass drum ) that I’ve found. Don’t really care for them on toms or snare.
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    Ridiculous bands or events that you opened for OR opened for you

    A band I was in headlined a “corn boil “ in rural Nova Scotia a few years back. 3 day event ( we just played Saturday night for a 80 minute set ) . Believe it or not - there was about 5,000 people there.
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    Best drum heads for imitating classic jazz/hardbop sound?

    I always use coated ambassador- top and bottom to get that old school sound
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    If you still have your teeth … it’s not hockey 😄
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    Heheh Much like hockey and britan 😄
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    Watching cricket makes me want to punch someone in the face
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    Or did it hit that post ? Does that mean a “strike” ?
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    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    It hit him … does that mean he’s “out” in cricket ?
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    Soloing; are you into it?

    This is a very good take on it . I don’t solo just for the sake of soloing. It has to have some kind of musical reasoning behind it.
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    You Have To Hit The Toms Hard (Enough....sometimes :) )

    You may be confusing just “hitting hard “ for “hitting consistently “ . Sometimes it’s easier to hit hard to get a good consistent recording.
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    Tama SLP 6.5 x 14 Kapur Snare is ringing like Crazy!

    This could be something “mechanical “. Maybe : bent hoops , tension rod, tube lug , and maybe just improperly tuned ( there maybe a reason you can’t tune it- see all the above ).
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    Tama SLP 6.5 x 14 Kapur Snare is ringing like Crazy!

    I use the Evans dry on a copper snare of mine , Mapex predator. I tune it down nice and low. Think “midnight train to Georgia “. No muffling needed.
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    Any police stories?

    Not really a criminal story but here goes… Went to a gig in a small town at the fire hall when I was quite young. Got a flat tire on my way … changed it and carried on . Did the show , packed up and left. Got another flat tire on the way home… no spare because I already used it. It was snowing...
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    How Many Gigs a Month Do You Currently Average?

    Usually do : 1 live show a weekend Maybe one or two sessions a week for guys. Depends. I have a hard time saying no. Mostly demos now ; not much full length stuff anymore. I’m getting a little long in the tooth so I think a lot of guys take it easy on me . Lol
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    Why today's music sucks...

    This … a thousand times.
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    Why today's music sucks...

    Oh absolutely. It’s funny he picked “pet sounds” and “Sargent pepper”. The two most well known albums from that era that utilized the newest technologies of the time. Also - old wannabe hippies over 60 with long hair and ear rings should instantly be ignored. Get with the now man !
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    Things you have to "unlearn" and "relearn"

    Ooh , great topic ! I broke a lot of bones in my hand a few years ago. Pretty much had to re-learn how I hold sticks. Steve smith was a huge help to me
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    Gretsch Catalina Maple

    Sorry if I came off as a little bit cranky averageguy . I just checked long and mcquade’s website for prices ( basically guitar centre for Canada ) 7 piece cat maples , brand new $1999 Five piece - $ 1600 With the 15% tax we pay in Canada ( for “ free “ health care …. It works out to roughly...