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  1. River19

    Do people actually like the “ring” of metal snares?

    I guess since I own several wood snares of various types and only one metal snare (N&C alloy) I guess my answer is I do not put a premium on the "ring". I find it annoying overall however it works in certain musical contexts........I can do the metal ring thing if need be, but that N&C I spec'd...
  2. River19

    Drum gear you don't like the looks of but you like the sound of it

    SQ2 Tribal finishes. As I have mentioned it is like painting flames on a Ferrari 250 GTO....... 80's Ludwig lugs.......woof. Acrolites.......after having an entire closet of those things topple over on me in my elementary school days I just cringe a little when I see them.
  3. River19

    Cheap (inexpensive) vs high dollar snaredrums....

    Let's not kid ourselves......once you have some versatile snares, we acquire additional snares because we want them.......justify it however we want, but whether it is a look, the stigma etc. of another snare there is nothing wrong with "the next one". But again, if someone has multiple...
  4. River19

    Cheap (inexpensive) vs high dollar snaredrums....

    Snares are like cars......cheaper ones will provide basic transportation and a jump from low priced to medium will see a noticeable improvement in many areas but then from medium priced to higher end sees smaller incremental improvements that may or may not be noticeable to some. Whether or not...
  5. River19

    Do you feel that playing covers (only) limits development and/or personal satisfaction?

    No. Not really. Maybe. depends Let me expand slightly, if that makes someone happy and blows their hair back.......go nuts. Everyone is different. It all depends on what muscle you want to develop. There is a whole world of music out there of different types, enough to keep...
  6. River19

    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    Not all social media is created equally. Meaning that I somehow got sucked into moderating a community (town area) FB group and there are 8,000 people in that group that need babysitting.....a post in THAT group for a local band appearing at one of the local watering holes gets right at the...
  7. River19

    How many Crashes?

    I have always been a cymbal whore to an extent. I have done large setups and small ones based on need, space, etc. My current home studio setup includes 2 main crashes (17" and 20") and 3 splashes, (6",10" and 12") to go with my ride and hats. In more aggressive rock setups (think GnR, etc.)...
  8. River19

    Can "feel" be taught or does it more likely come from within?'s the difference between "playing drums" and "playing music". I would like to think I am a musician whose primary instrument is the drums vs. "I'm a drummer". Play to support the song, the music etc. if not, then what are you really doing?
  9. River19

    Sonor SQ2 wait times

    Looks great. Love the finish. Glad the wait was worth it for you. I can't imagine how many times I would have changed my mind, had analysis paralysis, regret, anticipation, etc. during those 11 months.
  10. River19

    Big weekend in Nashville!

    Absolutely awesome!!! Great gig, awesome you got to share it with your family. Congrats to Alex on the award. He sounds great for that genre..... Nice playing for the tune as well.........
  11. River19

    Portland Drum Co.

    Regarding Nordic........ N&C has swapped to Nordic as Keller was dicking them around on their orders and Keller seemed to have less focus on drum shells vs. their other businesses. If it is good enough for N&C, then there is something to be said for their ability to make a shell.....
  12. River19

    Portland Drum Co.

    All for custom drum start ups and small makers, and I like Nordic shells in general.....but damn, that video is almost like negative PR for those drums. When he was initially hitting that mounted tom I thought it was the snare with the snares off...... I am making the assumption the drums...
  13. River19

    Be careful with Amazon cymbal purchases

    This reminded me of when I was in high school, I had a 17" Zildjian Paper Thin Crash......and of course it developed a crack along a casting line. Being a broke HS kid I reached out to Zildjian since they were local to me (lived in MA).......they were great told me to send it back to them in a...
  14. River19

    Be careful with Amazon cymbal purchases

    No judgement I do the same sometimes because sitting on the can if I think "I need some sticks" they are on their way before I wipe...... just being real.... Now if DCP had an App, I would be screwed and possibly lose a house......
  15. River19

    Be careful with Amazon cymbal purchases

    DCP........never order from anywhere else if I can avoid it. Plus I can drive there in 1hr......
  16. River19

    Be careful with Amazon cymbal purchases

    That would be headed back......and or STEEP discount..... just my $0.02
  17. River19

    Why did the birch Recording Custom bass drums not sound great?

    I have heard the same feedback on RC kicks......BUT I think this may also speak to what a varied sound people want from a kick. I'm sure the RCs always did something really well, but if that "thing" wasn't your sound you may not of liked it. Perhaps they were not as versatile as other kicks...
  18. River19

    How did you find the band you're in?

    You really have a good thing going. While of course Alex is amazing on vocals and as a front kill it behind the kit on these tunes. Really well done and servicing the music perfectly which is what it is all about from jazz to speed metal and everything in between it is all about...
  19. River19

    Shure PGA drumkit 7 vs AKG drum set session I

    The core of my setup is classic Shure..... SM57s on snare and toms and a Beta 52A in the kick......they are classic for a reason, they work and they are reasonably priced. I have an AKG for a room mic and have been impressed as well. Both companies make quality mics. IMHO, for metal, you...
  20. River19

    Good affordable overhead mics!

    When I got the M5s earlier in the year it was part of a long list of items for a build out so I purchased them with the thought of "good enough to start with and can upgrade". While that still may happen, the performance of them hasn't pushed that to the front of the list for upgrades. I would...