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    Intermediate Marimba Music

    This isn't a drum question, but I know there are plenty of all-around percussionists on here, too. I recently bought a marimba (4.3 octave low A), and I'm looking for music to play on it. After browsing sites such as Sheet Music Plus, it seems almost everything out there is either for the...
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    Ear Training

    I'm looking to dedicate some practice time to ear training in the near future. I'd classify myself as "advanced beginner" in that regard. I can identify intervals pretty well in isolation, but struggle in musical context. If I sit down at the piano and play along, I can usually figure out most...
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    90's Stage Customs

    I recently picked up a set of Stage Customs from the late 90's. The new heads came today, so I tuned 'em up. They sound great! They should more than fulfill their purpose of being the stunt double for my Birch Custom Absolutes. Now I just need to figure out how to arrange my drum room to make...
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    New Gigging Set

    I picked up my gigging set today. I've mostly just played at home and I just wasn't comfortable bringing my Yamama BCA's out of the house. I decided to go boring, practical, and cheap and go with Stage Customs. It's 10,12,14 (all mounted), 22, and a stock 14" snare. Based on the lugs and mounts...