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  1. J

    New Drum Cover!

    Yo yo!! Just uploaded another drum cover if you wanna check it! Leave some feedback cheeeeers!
  2. J

    New vid up!

    Hey everyone, Just posted this drum cover up a couple days ago. It's my first one and took a lot of time to get the editing and all that perfect. Would much appreciate it if you could watch it and give me some feedback. I'll be uploading a couple more in the next couple days. Thanks :)...
  3. J

    Drum Cam of me!

    Hey guys! Here's a drum cam of me playing a song with my band Vanity Riots. Was shot about a month ago on a GoPro at a show in Sydney. Quality isn't amazing and that crash is loud as hell! Feedback me!! Thanks :D
  4. J

    My bands new music video!

    Hey guys and gals, My band Vanity Riots just released a new music video you can check at the link below. Feedback would be much appreciated :)
  5. J

    Drum Cam Footage

    Hey people! I made a drum cam video with a few songs from one of my bands shows from last week. The kit was a Tama supplied by another drummer who played that night. Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback (good AND bad). Cheeers :D
  6. J

    Playing live on a DW performance! would love feedback!!