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    You could try some of the rougher grades of steel wool. '0000' grade works fine for cleaning up chrome, but any grade other than that ('000', '00' or '0') will definitely "haze" the surface a bit.
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    Props to Ludwig for finishing the inside of the bass drum hoops.
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    All gigs cancelled in OC and LA, California.
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    Anybody use a Trapkat XL? Need help!

    I bought a used (but seemingly very nice condition) Trapkat XL a while back just as something quiet to jam on. I recently decided to really dive in and try creating/editing my own kits. Problem is, it won't let me edit anything. For instance, when I try to switch to "User Kits", I press the...
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    Oriollo/Page Frankenkit... The beginning

    I finally received my 12x8 Oriollo tom shell to start experimenting with the Page Drums free-floating cable-tensioned hardware. If all goes well, I'll order a 22x14, and 15x12-13 (haven't decided on depth yet). Here's an indoor, and outdoor pic of the bare shell... Not even a badge.
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    Cheap Yamaha Hex Racks on Reverb!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up... User name CYMBALFUSION is selling "mint condition" Yamaha Hex Racks on Reverb right now that were supposedly only used as floor displays... for $204 (free shipping). Just buying the 2 accessory clamps, and 2 cross clamps separately would normally cost...
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    Lars' wastebasket snare

    This guy builds a bunch of random drums on his channel and demos them. Interesting stuff.
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    New "Tight" Setup: Mapex, Zildjian K, Yamaha Hex Rack

    So, recently, I've been looking to build a nice, tight little kit with a small footprint, without having to resort to using tiny drums. I decided to go with the Yamaha Hex Rack for A) the stability, B) its weight compared to other racks, and C) the finish on it matched my existing Crosstown...
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    DW pedal on Facebook... How?

    How does this even happen?
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    I hate ads like this!

    Ummm, how about showing a bit of the drums themselves on that $2,000 three-piece kit? These are all the photos the seller posted. If you're selling something, show pictures of it! Not just pictures from...
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    Proportional tom sizes?

    I'm currently planning a new custom kit, and I was curious if anyone has made/played a kit where all the toms/floor toms were proportionally equal. Here's what I mean... The tom size I find to be the most pleasing to my ears in any kit, in most cases, is a 12x8 (depth is 2/3 of the diameter) -...
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    Abb drums - unique indeed

    Just came across these folks. Interesting hardware on these drums.
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    Dunnett acrylic kit really worth $4000?

    Some guy is selling this kit on FB for $4,000. Says it was originally over $9,000. I'm curious if Ronn makes his own shells, or just uses the same shells everyone else uses. What justifies that price for a 3-piece acrylic kit? Just because of the name? 12x6 16x14 22x24
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    Tuning tutorial idea... Has this been done?

    As we all know, what you hear behind the drums, is not exactly what the audience hears. So, has anyone seen/done any videos where they demonstrate various standard tuning techniques (batter higher, reso higher, both heads the same, JAW, etc.), then show what the drum will sound like from the...
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    Well THAT'S new...

    This snare just came up in a Google search, but I can't find any info on it. Any of y'all know what this is? Edit... Never mind. Looks like it's by AK drums. Any idea what the advantage to this kind of wire configuration would be?
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    Just thought these were interesting - SB Drums...
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    Anybody like big bass drums?

    Just came across this on my local CL. 36x20 bass drum! Honestly, I would switch to bass before lugging that behemoth around. That thing's gotta weigh a ton. Just insane... I'd still love to take it for a spin though, haha...
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    Manic Drums...

    I just came across this company today. Over-engineered like no other. But still interesting stuff.
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    How to hook up MAY non-drill adapter?

    I'm using a Kelly Shu mount with an Audix D6 mic in my bass drum. I just bought a MAY air vent XLR adapter to clean up the whole set-up. There are three wires that need to be plugged onto the terminals on the mic. One of the wires is black, one is white with a "1" on it, and the third is...