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  1. Artstar

    DRUMCENTER Sonor, Tama, DW ...The DCP Dream Drum Sets Showcase

    Somewhat of a consensus in the comments under the vid in Youtube
  2. Artstar

    Yamaha Live Custom Series 2013

    Well..... here they are. Don't know the specs. Yamaha Live Custom Oak
  3. Artstar


    probably should share this ...... Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google
  4. Artstar

    New Sonor Maple Bop and Safari

    Did not see this posted.. but will now go viral on internet from Pearlygates spreading the word. hehe Sonor MAPLE Bop and Safari
  5. Artstar

    New Gretsch USA Poplar/Maple Brooklyn Kits

    New style hoops .. pretty cool finishes,
  6. Artstar

    DW Platinum and Performance to be made in U.S.

    Hmmm.. at least somebody is putting jobs back inside the U.S...,, however I do wonder whether there were not other factors involved.
  7. Artstar

    Drum Prison

    I like this.. this is cool and nothing could be more cool in this day and age..( .. and I'm a young punk too .. hehe ) maybe you've seen it.. I dunno.. Anyway..
  8. Artstar

    The Truth Behind Tama's Move to China

    Posted on behalf of TAMA's U.S.A. Division Manager, Terry Bissette... After reading an incredible number of comments (both positive and negative) about the “Tama goes to China” topic, I feel it’s time to set the record straight. We really appreciate all the comments and passion for Tama that is...
  9. Artstar

    Hayman Drums Resurrected

    Sorry if posted somewhere else.. Don't know if this is going to be like the Rogers attempt or not. In the website link... notice the 8 lug kick and not sure about those toy spurs and cracker jack claws. Just for reference... this was an original type kick from...