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    Anxiety or depression among household adults.

    Well, there is nothing to do for a lot of people. I see the problem there as well.
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    Anxiety or depression among household adults.

    This is what most of us feels. The amount of misinformation can't be countered by information that can't be understood.
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    What would your fragrance be like?

    An oriental warm spicy scent. It just makes me feel bold yet airy and comfortable.
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    Welcome aboard! Enjoy the stay.
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    Anxiety or depression among household adults.

    This is really a serious matter that needs attention. Studies were done and the results were at an alarming rate as it triples from the previous records without the pandemic. Immediate help should be provided as we are heading to a mental health pandemic.
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    Song of the Day

    The Way You Make Me Feel - Micahel Jackson
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    Band drinks for free

    If I drink, it's always after gigs!
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    What are you listening to right now?

    He brought such Soul to the Reggae as no one else could!
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    Anxiety or depression among household adults.

    According to the study: Throughout the pandemic, we find that adults in households with children under the age of 18, compared to adults in households without, are slightly more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder (45% vs. 41%, respectively). Specifically, among...
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    Same here man... I and my father used to have that one.
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    I saw my first black bear today

    Ya, a gun is never an option.
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    Strange hearing issues

    Ngl, I do have this one as well. It's kinda weird.
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    The Perfect Movie

    Oh, I love the SWtrilogy so much. :love:
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    Its Hot!

    There's no snow here in my hometown but it is really so hot here. I'm burning 🔥
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    Youtube Channel: Worth it?

    I always got copyrighted even tho I put some credits below.
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    Under Pressure Drum Cover

    That's really remarkable. Excellent!
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    Phil Maturano here!

    I really like your drumming style and the energy you put into play. Kudos!
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    Drum App

    Sure, dude! Thank me later :)
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    Stolen Vehicle

    Great story to learn from!