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    Happy B day Bermuda

    Fellow forumites,I have it on reliable information,from an other celebrity pro drummer,that today,is our own Bermudas Birth day,so I just want to ...carpe deim Jon,the very best,and thanks for all you do here.:) Steve B
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    SNL Sketch

    OK,so I know SNL isn't the same as it once was,but this made me laugh till I was in pain.No spoilers,just watch this for a good laugh. Steve B
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    It's official,,Gregg Bissonette leaves Mapex

    This came up a little while ago,but,it's official.Mapex has said so on their wedpage,and Gregg published this on his website.He's leaving Mapex for....................Dixon.Let the fun begin!:) Mapex's so. Steve B
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    Wow...AC/DC call it quits

    From what I understand,AC/ DC co founder ,Malcolm Young,suffered a stroke recently,but was well enough to try to start work on the bands new album.He discovered that he couldn't play as well as he normally could,and so the band decided to just pull the plug.I also understand the media in OZ is...
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    Happy Australia Day

    I just wanted to wish my drum brothers and sisters in Oz,a happy holiday...good on ya mates:):) Steve B
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    Boston Red Sox win the Series.

    Some of you may know that the Sox,have won the World Series.As a life long Yankee fan that saw Mantle,Maris,Berra and Ford play at the Yankee Stadium,I rooted for Boston from the close of the regular season,through the world series. To give you some perspective,Thats like a Manchester United...
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    Hurricane Sandy One Year Later

    Hurricain Sandy actually made land fall in the US on October 24,but hit the greater NY/NJ metropolitan area on the evening of October 29,2012. Sandy was the largest hurricain to ever hit the US,and was the size of western Europe. The storm surge recorded at over 14 feet,or around 4.3...
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    Recasting famous TV and movie actors

    I was thinking the other day,what IF ,the voice of say Darth Vader,wasn't played by James Earl Jones.What if instead it was played by Sir Anthony Hopkins,reprising his Hannibal Lecter voice "Luke,I ate your father...with some fava beans and a nice Chianti" How about recasting the hit TV show...
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    Endorsement deals: Vinnie no longer with Ludwig?

    This statement,though not verified by Ludwig or by Vinny,made the rounds a short time ago,when he was spotted playing a Yamaha kit,at a Herbie Hancock gig. The latest incarnation of this was seen on Vic's drum shop website on Oct. 10th,and just simply states that Vinny has left Ludwig,for...
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    Monty Python Fans

    I just watched a series of TV shows the other day on cable,about the British comedy group some of you are familiar with. They had a series of TV shows on the BBC from that late 60's and were some of the best innovative and original comedic skits on the planet. I live in the US,so I only...
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    The NEW Batman is.....drum roll

    I just read this this morning,Ben Affleck will play the Dark Knight in the upcoming Justice League movie with Superman in 2015 There are some who like his work in front of the camera,but to me.....Holy miscasting I personally loved the trilogy with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I...
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    Drum brother who had a stroke

    For those of you who also frequent the DFO,this isn't news,but DFO member Bongo Congo,suffered what was first though, to be a massive stroke yesterday. He now can recognize faces,has limited slurred speech and can move all four limbs. He still has a lenghtly recovery ahead of him,so I ask for...
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    Black Beautys and Hammered Bronze.

    I don't know if you guys see the advertising as I do due to location or tracking cookies,but at Amazon ,the Ludwig LB552K is more expensive that the Ludwig flag ship Black Beauty. LB552K..................759.00 US Black Beauty...........689.00US Get um' while their hot. Steve B
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    Happy Fathers Day

    I'ts Fathers Day here in the U.S. and I just want to wish all of you who are dads, a great happy and healthy Fathers Day. I'll be grilling up a nice thick Porterhouse steak,baked potato and sweet Jersey corn on the cob....and maybe a beer or two.........?Three? Maybe a baseball game or two...
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    Piece of 9/11 hijacked plane landing gear found.

    A crew that was hired to do a survey on a building in lower Manhattan,found what looked like a piece of a large planes landing gear.They called 9/11 and the NYPD responded and photographly documented the scene as well as the evidence(landing gear) including striation/ballistic impact marks on...
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    Boston marathon explosions

    There were two bombs detonated at the finish line of the Boston marathon not an hour ago.Pray or send best wishes for the injured and dead. This is just unreal STEVE b
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    Golf anyone....The Masters

    I don't play golf,and I only watch it on TV once in a while.But I know a great golf shot when I see one. Yesterday,Aussie Jason Day makes one of the best bunker shots that I have ever seen.Out of the bunker and into the hole for eagle. Then Aussie Adam Scott...wins the whole thing.Just what...
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    JFS #103 The Bernard Purdie Interview....

    Wow...this has been hashed out on every drum forum,ad nausium.It's a lie,it has been proven a lie,over and over.He may be a great drummer,but a lousy liar.The story has changed over the years as to how many and cuts,which ones and where they were done,here or in the UK. Mr Purdie never learned...
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    Winter Storm >>>NEMO

    Well here we go again.They actually named this snow storm Nemo ,like it was a pet fish or a turtle.Gas lines started yesterday,as well as panic food buying like milk,bread and eggs.There wasn't a shopping cart to be had at the supermarket,and you actually had to cruise the parking lot to get a...
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    Happy New Year

    To those participating,and even those whom are not: Have a happy and healthy new year.Keep those not as fortunate as yourself in your thoughts,and lend a hand to lessen their burden. And as Pete Townsend said at the Hurricane Sandy relief concert....."have a f'in beer". Cheers,and best...