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  1. drumdevil9

    Peter Criss grooves like crazy...

    As a kid his performance on this song always fascinated me (and the whole album actually) and it still does to a certain extent. I now think Bob Ezrin did a disservice to Peter's style on Destroyer. This is more representative of the way Peter played and there are many other examples of his...
  2. drumdevil9

    Playing softly; taught by a MASTER

    Playing softly comes up a lot. Rick Dior is one of the smoothest cats I've ever heard.
  3. drumdevil9

    Back after 20 months of COVID apathy

    When the Covid-19 lockdowns hit and I lost all my gigs, my interest in drums and drumming mostly vanished. I guess without an outlet to play in front of an audience I just didn't care. I think I welcomed the break actually. Didn't miss it for a long time. Did other things. Played guitar, bass...
  4. drumdevil9

    Strange tom phenomenon

    I recently got a vintage 70's Pearl wood-fiberglass kit 12-13-16-22. It sounds great but there's this weird thing with the toms. It has the old hex-rod holders. When both toms are on the mounts they sound great. The 12 has nice tone, fundamental rings out. When I remove the 13 the 12 goes dead...
  5. drumdevil9

    Made X-hat out of spare parts

    I wanted an x-hat for a duo gig where I'm forced to play standing (bandstand is tiny) but didn't want to buy one for a gig I may only do once or twice next year. Time to rummage the junk box! I have a couple of old Gibraltar stackers that I don't use one of which became the basis for the x-hat...
  6. drumdevil9

    Ludwig P88AC Dilemma

    The other day I bought the new P88AC strainer for my '79ish LM400 Supra. I was excited to install it but was disappointed to discover that the holes in my snare are too small for the mounting screws. I have a newer LM400 that I acquired with a drum kit that I plan on selling and of course it...
  7. drumdevil9

    Keeping Things Light

    A lot of us want to keep our gigging gear as light as possible because, you know, we have to carry it ourselves. I often get to the gig first which means I have to bring in my stuff by myself unlike the old days where it was a team effort out of a van. Although that sucked too but anyway...
  8. drumdevil9

    A whole set

    If you're on Facebook here's a whole set of me playing a pub gig a couple of months ago. I just thought it would be fun to go live. Enjoy, hopefully.
  9. drumdevil9

    Got a used Brooklyn bop kit

    Went a bit nuts and bought a used Gretsch Brooklyn bop kit in grey oyster. Private sale. It's in immaculate condition and looks stunning. Also came with a Ludwig LM400 Monroe keystone badge. Looks fairly recent. I already have a Supra in that size so I may sell it. Gonna gig with these puppies...
  10. drumdevil9

    My Zildjian Low Volume Cymbals Demo

    I just bought the Zildjian L80 cymbals and thought I'd shoot a short video demo. The "if you're not interested in drum stuff" comment is because I also put it on Facebook. Obviously you guys are interested in drum stuff. These cymbals are awesome and are a godsend to us apartment dwellers...
  11. drumdevil9

    Need help: Is this a real Supra?

    Is this legit? Something seems too good to be true. Seems to have 8 lugs??? Thanks.
  12. drumdevil9

    Drum Xmas Trees

    Anyone else do this? Post your drum tree pics!
  13. drumdevil9

    Ludwig finally design new throw-off So you can replace your dreaded p-85. I would imagine that this throw will become the standard on at least some new snares.
  14. drumdevil9

    Flat-base hi-hats...meh

    I really like flat base stands, especially cymbal stands. Wanting to keep a consistent look, I bought a flat-base Gibraltar hi-hat (used) a few months back. It works fine and is light enough but the action is a little stiff and the design is just a bit weird. I've come to the conclusion that...
  15. drumdevil9

    Ludwig Club Date NOT discontinued

    Not yet anyway. This week on Facebook, Ludwig posted a bunch of pics of the Club Date SE and wrote, "see your local dealer". I went to a shop today to pick up a head and they confirmed it, having just put in a bunch of orders. Rejoice! Not that I need any more but thought I would share the good...
  16. drumdevil9

    Roland FD-8 hi-hat controller volume fix

    I thought I would share this fix for the FD-8. It is notorious for having a very low volume chick/splash sound. They may have since fixed the issue but the older ones are a real problem. Adjusting the setting in the module does not help. Luckily it's really easy to fix. First, take out the...
  17. drumdevil9

    The most badass Club Date you've ever seen

    I've been thinking of getting another Club Date shell pack in the bigger sizes (13-16-22). I went to a downtown store to check out the deals and there it was on the shelf. Silver sparkle and everything. Now, I will probably never set it up like this for a gig but I thought it would be fun to...
  18. drumdevil9

    Club Date SE snare...forgot how awesome it is.

    Last night I brought out my Ludwig Club Date SE to a party gig and decided to use my Club Date snare (14x5) with it. I had been using my Blacro for the past few months. The party was in a hall and we were not mic'ed. I shared my kit with another drummer friend and when he played I couldn't...
  19. drumdevil9

    Voodoo Shango Experience Live

    Here's a video from our last show. This is an instrumental called, "Chasse À L'Homme" which means manhunt. It's only on Facebook for now but it should be visible even if you don't have an account.
  20. drumdevil9

    Going to Dave Weckl clinic

    I'm going to get my soul crushed :) at a Dave Weckl clinic this evening. I've never seen him live in any setting so it should be a great experience. Hopefully I can meet him and have him sign my Master Plan booklet. Have any of you been to see his clinics? Are they instructive or just...