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  1. eclipseownzu

    Cutting down cymbals

    I have a few of 18" crashes with cracks along the outer edge (yes I am hard on cymbals). I have been thinking about cutting them down and seeing if I can make a decent set of 16" hi-hats. These are all pro-level (AAX, HHX, A Custom) so maybe worth trying to get some life out of them. Anybody...
  2. eclipseownzu


    What is the bell the drummer is hitting in this video? I want one! (Watch around the 1:00 mark)
  3. eclipseownzu

    Which DAW

    To my audiophile friends, I have a question regarding DAWs. My basement band is looking to record some stuff in the basement and have it professionally mixed. I am fairly adept at getting my drums to sound good with my current pro-tools version, but I will need more channels and more...
  4. eclipseownzu

    Big Fat Snare Drum

    Did a quick search and didn't see anything on these, but I am definitely interested. I have heard that putting another head on your snare helps fatten up the sound. Is this just a more expensive version of that? Does buying a thicker snare batter have the same effect. I have always just used...
  5. eclipseownzu

    Off center hole in cymbal

    I have a Sabian Metal Crash that I use on my practice kit. Since I bought it I have had an issue where it wont stay at the height I set it. I thought it was the stand, but it turns out the hole isn't cut dead center in the cymbal. I cant tell you how many times i have gone to hit it and just...
  6. eclipseownzu

    Why dont they ever shut up anymore?

    I have always been a fan of heavy, guitar driven music and now my daughter is listening to music that falls into that category. I couldn't be prouder, or so I thought. The other day she had me listen to a new song by her favorite band, and like any old guy listening to new music I was very...
  7. eclipseownzu

    Double bass hi-hat issues

    I just picked up a double bass drum kit last week and I am having hi-hat issues. A decade or so ago when I played a double bass kit as my primary set I had a rack and remote hat pedal. Being as how this kit is a bit of an experiment, I don't want to invest in a rack. I have a DW 5000 hi hat...
  8. eclipseownzu

    2014 - Year of the drummer

    Pretty funny article. Worth the quick read.
  9. eclipseownzu

    What exactly do I have here?

    I picked these three toms up as part of a large purchase from a studio going out of business. I basically got them for free, but they are absolutely not something I would use and I hate to have them sitting in my basement. My question is, are they worth anything. I would put them on CL or ebay...
  10. eclipseownzu

    Tour buy in: yes or no?

    So, I am planning a couple of week tour for my band next summer and I have a few different opportunities. I figured I would put it out to the forum and see what you guys think. I have the opportunity to buy into a tour with a national act on a club tour. The buy in is $1200 which we would make...
  11. eclipseownzu

    Bad hi-hat recording

    Its very rare that I listen to a song and can pin point specific things that sound wrong to me. Im not usually that analytical. However, on the new Seether record the hi-hat sound is terrible. Bad enough that I noticed it right away and when I pointed it out to my wife she could even hear it...
  12. eclipseownzu

    I hate the people who book clubs

    Not sure what my point is in posting this other than just to rant. So I am just going to rant for a minute. Hopefully I will feel better at the end. So last weekend I went to a club in a very large city about two hours from where I live. This club hosts national touring acts and I have seen...
  13. eclipseownzu

    Video mixed with audio mixed with crowds mixed with....aww, just watch it

    This is what my dreams look and sound like.
  14. eclipseownzu

    Gig Thread?

    Has anybody ever though about putting up a space for members to post their gigs. I am sure there are others guys on this site that reside in southern New England, and I would be interested in checking out some of their bands. It would be a good opportunity to meet other members in person and see...
  15. eclipseownzu

    Why do we assume that handmade is better?

    Got into a discussion at work today about the benefits of robotic assembly over human assembly in the electronics field I work in. It is a forgone conclusion that robots do far better work with far fewer errors working within tolerances human beings will never achieve. All of this got me...
  16. eclipseownzu

    Are studios necessary?

    A discusion with another musician let me to this question, and I am curious on the opinion of DW. With recording equipment being available to everybody at relatively low prices are the days of the recording studio numbered. Now that any kid with a microphone, DAW, and internet access can record...
  17. eclipseownzu


    Spent the day today mastering the first three songs of my bands demo. We mastered at Dexters Lab Recording in New Haven with Nick Bellmore. Nick is the drummer for Toxic Holocaust and Kingdom of Sorrow and he played on the Jasta record so it was really cool to meet and talk with him. The three...
  18. eclipseownzu

    Drum gear rundown videos?

    This is a question I raised once before, but likely in the wrong format. Would anybody be interested in watching drum gear rundowns of professional drummers on tour. For those of you who dont know what I am talking about just youtube premier guitar. They have hundreds of rig rundowns of pro...
  19. eclipseownzu

    Triggers in the studio

    Little background: My band will be going into the studio soon to record our demo. Unfortunately the studio has only ever recorded vocals and jingles. We are basically engineering this thing ourselves, but the studio has amazing acoustics and incredible recording gear, so that's cool. One of the...
  20. eclipseownzu

    Ride Height

    So I have a bit of a dilemma with my cymbal stands. I play all DW 9000 series hardware and have found them to be extremely durable, which is really the reason I buy them more than anything else. My problem is that they are really too tall for my ride. I like my ride low and flat, but the DW's...