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    Is it the room?

    I play a 7pc kit. 8/10/12/14/16 kick/snare. The 10" is buzzing the hell out of the snare and I cannot find a tuning that even puts a dent in it. I have tried a few different snare pretty much the same thing. Reso's are about the 3rd above batter. The toms are all tuned pretty high. I don't...
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    No Ride Cymbal?

    I have been considering changing up the kit. I find I rarely use the "open" ride sound. Virtually always the bell for a tighter more controlled sound. In my small room I really need to take care to keep the cymbal levels under control while tracking. I have been thinking about replacing the...
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    Odd issue with 18" stage custom tom

    I put clear G1 on the reso side off my stage customs. Ran into issue with the 18" the head would not fit in the rim. Looked at the ambassador on the batter. Definitely tight but fit. Anyone see this with their Yamaha's? I ordered a pair of 18" 2.3mm Gibraltar rims to try. I hope that fixes the...
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    Recording Custom Bearing Edges

    What kind of bearing edges are on the Recording custom kits? Standard 45 w/ back cut? I am getting my stage customs leveledand cut. I might as well consider my options if I am going there.
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    Cheap cymbal hobby

    By cheap I don't mean junk. I have been cymbal shopping. Found great deals on Armand ride and crash I was looking for. In the process, I saw the occasional piece that appeared to be a great value. Today I picked up a 20" Zildjian A ride from I think the 70's for well under $100. No keyholes or...
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    20" Armand ride.. and an 18" Med Thin Crash!

    Just bought one on reverb. I hope it's as good as the one my buddy has... Looking at hats and another crash... New brass had not happen in over ten years.
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    Affordable "vintage" kits

    What should I be looking for if I want something vintage-ish in the sub $500 category? Is there anything that qualifies? I want something that can easily sound "old" to contrast my current kits. Old can be 50's jazz to 70's thud. I suspect the drums in those era's are not terribly different...
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    First 13" tom

    I just received the first 13" tom ever to add to my stage custom shell bank. The 18" is back ordered. Also a first.. Looking forward to trying a 13/16/18 setup
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    Can't Move Away From Clear 1ply's

    I have always tried to setup my 2nd kit to have a separate and distinct (but just as good) sound from the other. I have clear G1's on the main kit. Everytime I try something else, something is just missing. Clear G2 - lot more attack than I am used to Coated G2 - Have not tried yet. EC2-...
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    Need a Box for a 24" Kick / Kit

    I want to ship a kit with a 24" kick drum. I am not having much luck finding a box. . The closest so far is 24x24x18 @ Lowes. I found things @ Uline but the order is a minimum of 10 which effectively means $100 for one box. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    2006 PDP 6 piece CXR Kit

    I have a 2006 PDP CXR kit in a Red Sparkle wrap. I bought the original CXR kit with a 24" Kick, 12" rack tom, 14" and 16" floor toms and a 6x14" snare. I ordered a matching 10" rack tom to make a 6 piece kit and have played it that way ever since. PDP CX kits are hardly uncommon but this...
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    Taming toms in studio

    My concept maples with clear G1's are quite resonant and stunning. I love them. In the studio though the rumble gets overt powering in the overheads. I think the small room is amplifying the effect. I have been toning them down with gaff tape on the reso heads but the less stuff the better. Any...
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    Modern Equivalent of Evans Looking Glass heads

    As the title states, I am wondering what the modern equivalent of the looking glass head would be. I have never seen or heard on in person. I am looking for an alternate setup for my second kit and the Farewell to Kings sound is sort of the concept I want to approximate. The hydraulics on the...
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    Evans Genera HD Coated

    I just picked up one of these to try on my snare. I am replacing a Coated G1 in the hopes that it will help tame the overtones just a touch to eliminate the need for moon gel and maybe help tame the snare buzz a touch. So far it seems to be a winner on all counts. The downside is I am...
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    Snare buzz

    The 10" tom sets off loud bursts of white noise in the snare with every hit. I have tuned both the snare and the tom through a reasonable range of pitch and it doesn't matter. While researching the issue I have found many discussions regarding the snare bed (or lack there of) being a common...
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    A Rush Experiment...

    I decided to tinker with a few head combination to see how close I could come to replicating early Rush tom sounds. Lots of attack and pretty minimal sustain. First test was an old style EC2 clear batter over a clear G2. It does shorten the sustain a little but the amount of sustain it still...
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    PDP Concept Maple Review

    PDP Concept Maple Review - [EDIT - MP# Demo File Attached] This kit is essentially the same configuration as the Mapex kit I sold to make room for it. The primary difference is that the Mapex kit was birch and the PDP is of course maple. The maple shells are definitely more in tune with the...
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    EC2 over EC Reso

    I use clear or coated ambassador on my main kit's toms. I am considering going with something completely different on #2 Considering an ec2 SST clear over an EC resonant. I have not seen or heard anyone run this combo. Have any of you tried it? What did you think? The other option would be a...
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    Custom Graphic Bass Drum Heads

    I am interested in a reproduction of Peart's Starman reso head used on the R30 tour or possibly from other tours. Does anyone have a source for that kind of thing?
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    Micing toms on a tight drum kit

    I have used a 4 mic technique on my (and other) drum kits for years. Its a small dry room and I have gotten very good results. I have never felt particularly compelled to mic the toms. I have recently moved on to a new kit which usually ends up resulting in a bunch of other changes once the...