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  1. GrowthMusic

    Meshuggah - "I" Drum Cover

    Contacted talented dude Sam Mooradian to help me get through this dang song. Took some time but rewarding to work on it with someone who knocked out guitar, bass, vocals, and mixed everything for me :D Hope some of you enjoy it, or at least some of it...
  2. GrowthMusic

    Drums & Didgeridoo

    So of the two-dozen or so videos I've posted, they've all been drum videos (hence my presence on this forum). But I've recently taken up learning the didgeridoo; something I've always wanted to do. I love the sound of the instrument and the way it makes me feel. This song is an original song...
  3. GrowthMusic

    Some hectic stuff...

    ...namely the bridge at least, haha. Recently joined a new heavy band here in STL where I live. Figured it was appropriate to construct a play-through. This stuff is a bit heavier than I'm normally used to playing (drum parts were written before I joined the band, and aside from Meshuggah I...
  4. GrowthMusic

    Meshuggah - "Swarm" Drum Cover

    Hey everyone! I took my time with this song, as it was rather difficult for me to learn and play. I've got an immense amount of respect for Tomas Haake and I'm sure some of the members of this forum enjoy his drumming as well. Hopefully you'll enjoy this cover! Any feedback is appreciated, as...
  5. GrowthMusic

    First Product Review (dB Drumshoes; 3min video)

    Hey everyone. Back in January of 2014, I purchased a pair of these shoes not really knowing what to expect. After about two weeks of adjusting to them, they've been one of the best purchases I've made in terms of drum stuff. Really dig 'em. If anyone has considered trying drum shoes in the past...
  6. GrowthMusic

    Little light tune :)

    Greetings. Wanted to share a recent session with you all. Hope some of you enjoy it! Kind of a nice, whimsical song. Wasn't expecting the event at 3:45 though, haha.. Anyway, thanks for your time if you give it a view.
  7. GrowthMusic

    Meshuggah - "Elastic" (complete instrumental cover)

    I've always loved Tomas Haake. His approach to writing drum parts for heavy music is amazing to me. My friend (who did the guitar and bass for this cover) and I have always thought that "Elastic" is an underrated song of theirs. It's got some seriously awesome groove to it. Hopefully some of you...
  8. GrowthMusic

    New session (drum video); Tool/Opeth-influenced

    Greetings. I wanted to share a new original track for which I wrote/recorded the drums. It's kind of a murky tune. Really enjoyed working on it! Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you! :)
  9. GrowthMusic

    Original Indian Music (session drum video)

    Greetings. Hope the year is off to a nice start for everyone. I've recently had the pleasure of working with a couple of musicians (primarily vocalists) from India. They hired me on for a couple of tracks; this being one of them, titled "Asatoma". A lot of this was harder than I initially...
  10. GrowthMusic

    Azealia Banks drum cover/remix

    A buddy of mine from the UK recently asked me if I'd help him out with his remix of "Chasing Time" by lending my efforts on the drum parts. Turned out to be pretty fun! Hopefully some of you might dig it ;-) The Holidays are approaching, so I figured the socks were appropriate, heh. Thanks for...
  11. GrowthMusic

    New Original Song with my brother (Fairly heavy stuff; drum video)

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share some new material here. My brother and I finally completed a new tune! It was a tough writing/recording process for me, but it's always nice to work with my brother. Hope some of you dig this one! There's a "Drums Only" video for this song as well for the drum...
  12. GrowthMusic

    Some good ol' Rock 'n Roll (drum video; original song)

    Hey everyone. I had a recent session with an artist primarily influenced by 60s/70s rock. I'd never worked with anyone who writes this type of classic rock music, so this was good fun and challenging in its own right. I had a nice time with this tune. Hope some of you dig it! Thanks for your...
  13. GrowthMusic

    Meshuggah - "Bleed" Drum Cover

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share this cover that I completed earlier today. It has been on 'the list' for a while now, heh, so I finally decided to give it a good effort. Meshuggah is my favorite heavy band, so covering their stuff is always very enjoyable for me. I really respect and look up to...
  14. GrowthMusic

    New original song (Drum video of a Country tune)

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share this new video from a recently completed session. This was actually a lot of fun for me, as I've never worked with a Country (more or less) artist before. I feel as though the drum parts were appropriate, but I appreciate any feedback/critique. Thanks for...
  15. GrowthMusic

    Video of some new session work (soft tune, light feel)

    Hey guys. I just wanted to share a video that I just completed. It's an original song from a recent session for which I was hired. It's definitely a change of pace from my usual videos, but this was definitely a lot of fun. The music and drum parts are original. Critique and feedback are...
  16. GrowthMusic

    Drum video for an original track (lots of hand percussion)

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share another recent upload. It's a video for an original tune of me and my brother's. I had completed this video a few months back but didn't get around to posting it until last week. This piece is definitely a bit softer than my usual videos! Hope ya like it :-)...
  17. GrowthMusic

    Meshuggah - "The Demon's Name is Surveillance" Drum Cover

    Hey guys, I just wanted to post my most recent video on the drums. This was very difficult to execute from start to finish, but it was fun to put in the effort. Hope you enjoy it :-) Any feedback and/or critique is appreciated!
  18. GrowthMusic

    Meshuggah - "Shed" Drum Cover (plus an original song)

    Hey everyone, I wanted to post a track that I covered earlier today. It's from Meshuggah's mindwarp of an album, Catch Thirty-three. Hope you enjoy it! It was definitely an interesting piece to learn, to say the least. Thank you Drum cover: Original...
  19. GrowthMusic

    Drum video (original song; Tool-influenced)

    Hello there, I wanted to post my most recent video here on Drummerworld. It's a video of "Track #3" from me and my brother's original music. It was a fun video to put together, and I hope some of you dig it: Thanks in advance! :-) Any feedback is...
  20. GrowthMusic

    Tool - "Triad" Drum Cover

    This one took a while to learn. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks guys