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  1. 2bsticks

    Saturn Series help!

    Well, turns out the kick is an 18” not 20” so not going to bother, thanks for all the input
  2. 2bsticks

    Saturn Series help!

    Any Mapex Saturn owners know what series this kit might be?
  3. 2bsticks


    I appreciate all the replies, some good ones too. For now I’ll probably just sit tight, I also have a Taye Studio Maple kit 20 10 12 14 that I use for a lot of gigs and I have to tell you those thin maple shells really sound great to me anyway.
  4. 2bsticks


    I have the Crosstown hardware now, great stuff. The TC kits are very nice but I thought the 20" bass lacked a bit of attack, that's why I was considering the 22" and still very lightweight.
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    Haven’t posted in a while but looking for advice. Over the years I have gone through many kits, DW, Yamaha mostly, Gretsch, Taye. Anyway as I climb towards 70 ouch, I am considering letting go of my mint Yamaha Oak Custom kit and replacing it with a Yamaha Tour Custom. I had two TC kits in the...
  6. 2bsticks

    Taye Studio Maple or Yamaha Tour Custom Maple

    Hi Wildbill, you are correct, I sold a TC kit a while back, long story, picked up another one. They are nice and they do the job. Obviously I go through my share of kits.
  7. 2bsticks

    Taye Studio Maple or Yamaha Tour Custom Maple

    To my ears the Taye had a bit more attack especially the kick
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    Taye Studio Maple or Yamaha Tour Custom Maple

    So, I had a Taye studio maple kit I bought used, I played it about six months and it was a sweet sounding kit. I traded it in and picked up a Yamaha TC kit. Although I have been a long time Yamaha player and still play oak customs I find myself missing the Taye kit? My thinking was selling the...
  9. 2bsticks

    Getting to be a bit much

    Corona virus wiped out 3 months worth of gigs so far...and counting, so now I have a bit of an itch to play live again :-) Already painted three rooms, planted shrubs. Maybe I won't retire after all :-)
  10. 2bsticks

    Ludwig Classic Oak

    Thanks for posting, can'tr wait to get my kit. I went with the downbeat sizes, 20x14 12x8, 14x14
  11. 2bsticks

    Ludwig Classic Oak

    Just ordered a kit in the whiskey finish, looking forward to playing them......someday live ?
  12. 2bsticks

    New Ludwig Speed King

    Now if they can bring back the Ghost pedal :-)
  13. 2bsticks

    How did you guys do it in the 70's??

    Well, being an antique who made a living playing in show bands back in then 70's I feel your pain. I either rolled up the pant leg or a cloths pin. But mostly rolled it up.
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    New Yamaha Stage Custom Hips

    Look pretty nice.
  15. 2bsticks

    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    Learn to walk before starting to run, meaning I was too interested in learning cool chops, speed, trying to be flashy etc. I wish I had worked more with a metronome, listen better and play for the song... However, I do that much better now and I'm 66 so I am grateful to still be able to play...
  16. 2bsticks

    The best three drum pedals of all time.

    Early playing days, Ghost Pedal, loved that thing. Middle days, DW 5000 Dual chain, Currently using Pearl Redline Eliminator strap drive.
  17. 2bsticks

    RIP Neil, Peart

    What a shock, damn!
  18. 2bsticks

    You know you’re getting old when...

    You used to talk about acid trips on break, now you talk about acid reflux
  19. 2bsticks

    New Drum Kit

    I had a Taye Pro X bop kit, those exact sizes, wasn't using it so I traded it in. Birch & Basswood, great build and sound quality kit. Grabbed it off Reverb for under $400, still might be available where I traded it in? Boston area.
  20. 2bsticks

    Evans Dixson Bass Drum Lift

    You still have it?