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  1. Frosticles

    Double-Shaft Replacement: Trick vs. Ahead

    Had the Trick for a good few years now. Absolutely perfect :)
  2. Frosticles

    What is your favourite ride cymbal you own

    Just................. I've never used it or, tried it but, it's my favourite ride :cool::ROFLMAO: 98214502_649178459263748_7633357062063259648_n by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  3. Frosticles

    What's your latest purchase?

    No, they are un-lathed :)
  4. Frosticles

    What's your latest purchase?

    Something for me for a change........... Old Zildjian 20" "Earth Ride" I have been curious about these for a very long time. F692CD17-1C2F-44CA-92DB-D1412CB19019_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  5. Frosticles

    Cleaning Duct / Gaffer Tape Marks

    With super 'welded on' Gaffer Tape, if it is on metal, I will use a smidgen of paint thinners. Comes straight off :)
  6. Frosticles

    Mapex Orion

    Fantastic kits. :)
  7. Frosticles

    Drum instructors - Heads in the Clouds

    Save your money ;)
  8. Frosticles

    Favourite Gig Pics

    I've been toying with trying this for ages :)
  9. Frosticles

    Your practice area set ups

    I have two practice spaces. One in my workshop (Our Conservatory :oops:) With my Roland TD17kvx & the other a few miles away at a mates studio :) 897076D3-5DC5-44B7-8C7F-733F40373A73_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 6B55C93A-5660-456E-9A1A-D1B1BF2274F9_1_201_a by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  10. Frosticles

    Supraphonic vs. Black beauty; help me decide!

    If you can, buy both :)
  11. Frosticles

    Help my poor stuffed up DDrum Diablo snare, please

    Stop wasting your time on a pile of crap. Set fire to it, smile, then move on :)
  12. Frosticles

    Favourite Gig Pics

    We are supposed to be coming over at some point in the lates Summer. Fingers & everything crossed.
  13. Frosticles

    Favourite Gig Pics

    Couple more I like :) 13719674_10155077357198761_7945294471465291599_o by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 257466851_10158677207173869_5071650184394782257_n by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  14. Frosticles

    Favourite Gig Pics

    Great pic. We played CGBG's quite a few times. There are video's on YouTube but I haven't come across pics from any of them. Such a fun place & sorely missed.
  15. Frosticles

    Favourite Gig Pics

    We all must have them. I love this one from a 'secret' pre-tour gig in Berlin, 2019 60417293_2216267068441807_2216273403285864448_o by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  16. Frosticles

    What's your latest purchase?

    Through word of mouth :)
  17. Frosticles

    A weird question regarding 26" kicks and Bonham

    Love that pedal :) :cool:
  18. Frosticles

    Purchased Hammered Black Beauty Super Sensitive - records well!!

    I have the hammered BB. Such an amazing drum :)
  19. Frosticles

    Hardware is a giant pain in the ass

    Two words - "Yamaha Crosstown" They have been an absolute back-saver for me. Light, sturdy & exceptional :)