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  1. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    A lot happens in a decade, as it turns out. How are you enjoying life on earth? How do the winters compare to Mars?
  2. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    It to get old. :) Great to see ya!
  3. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    Hey Larry! It's fit, but maybe a little bland...haha. Here's the TL;DR - Moved east-to-west a couple times, my kids grew up and kicked us out, I still work like an animal, and I'm playing in a band with some people I met randomly one night, out for dinner with my wife. How about you?
  4. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    Hey, buddy! Wow...getting late-2000's nostalgia feels here.
  5. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    Vice-versa for me. I was part-time work, part-time music. Now I'm 150% work, Thanks, nice to meet ya as well.
  6. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    Hey buddy! Been a long time! You're one of the few people I've actually met in person, from here. flies while you're busy livin'.
  7. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    I played so much back then! I had a gig in November...and haven't unpacked my drums, since. I better see if I can still pull that pattern off.
  8. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    Thanks, back at ya! Watched a couple of your band vids. Really good!
  9. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    I've been in Atlanta for a few years now, but I still get out to Boise from time-to-time. I hear the weather there sucks right now...but it's great here! :)
  10. zambizzi

    First post since 2012?

    Has it been TEN YEARS!? Wonder how many of the old timers are still left around here? Anyhow...hey everyone!
  11. zambizzi

    Opinions: Gretsch G4164SA Solid Aluminum Snare

    I'm trying to pick out a Gretsch snare to go with...a little something new that I have coming soon. :) Any thoughts on this one? Anyone have some decent recordings of one? It seems like a nice drum and by the specs, it should cover anything I need. I won't have the opportunity to try it...
  12. zambizzi

    (My Band) Trikata - Corrupt Puppets

    Here's our newest effort, played at our last "Fat Wednesday" party at Fatty's Bar, in downtown Boise. Camera mic SUCKS, so there isn't much clarity. I might try lining up the audio recording I made during the show, with this video. I hadn't realized...
  13. zambizzi

    The Ludwig Curse

    I hate posting negative rants about drum brands but enough is enough. I love, love, LOVE the sound of Ludwig drums...but I've finally had it. I bought this kit last year and all seemed fine. Well, not really...the bass drum arrived cracked, but Ludwig replaced it in three weeks and the new...
  14. zambizzi

    A Tale of Two Bass Drums

    I own two kits...Ludwig Classic Maple...identical finishes and badges. The "small" kit is a 22x18", 16x16", 12x10" setup...the "big" kit is 24x16", 16x16", 13x9". I love 'em both and they both sound incredible. My inner-conflict is choosing which bass drum to stick with. I've been at it for...
  15. zambizzi

    Trikata opening for HURT at Knitting Factory - 5/7/2012

    I'm sure some of you have heard of HURT, at least? They had a string of hits in the early '00's and just started touring again. We were lucky enough to get the call to open, and we brought our rowdy brand of...whatever it is...and had a BLAST! The crowd really dug it (attendance was around...
  16. zambizzi

    See any great shows lately?

    If there's a thread out there already, I couldn't find it. Oh well...not like a new one will hurt. See any great shows lately? Include pics, video, etc. if you have it. I caught Galactic at Knotty Pine in Victor, ID on Tuesday night. Corey Glover (Living Colour) was on vocals. It was...
  17. zambizzi

    My rock trio "Trikata" throwing down on local cable access

    This was WAY too much fun. Sheila is a local legend and she has a lot of local artists on her show. GREAT funny. My snare wires were off at first, so I barfed all over the song until I could get them flipped on. I'm still kicking myself...
  18. zambizzi

    "The Like Its" Funk/Soul/R&B Band

    Hey all...thought I'd introduce my other project, "The Like Its". We cut a demo on Sunday and here's a couple of the tunes. I think the demo sounds great, other than a lot of low-end seems to be missing. I was bummed that the bass drum was nearly cut out of the mix but overall, they sound...
  19. zambizzi

    My Ludwig Family...

    ...all snug and nestled up, next to the fireplace. What I've got here is two full Classic Maple kits with 100th Anni. badges, and three snares. Here's the run-down. 24x16" bass 22x18" bass 16x16" floor tom(s) (two of them) 13x9" tom 12x10" tom 14x6.5" Black Beauty w/ tubes 14x6.5" LM402...
  20. zambizzi

    Trikata "Benefit Bash" - 8-26-11

    Here's my crazy-loud rock band, Trikata, performing at a benefit for local schools. Attendance was "OK" for a new, unknown, original band....maybe 60 people. It was our first "real" gig after 6 mo. of writing and rehearsing, so we were pretty stoked and had a great time. Sound was a little...