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  1. 2bsticks

    Saturn Series help!

    Any Mapex Saturn owners know what series this kit might be?
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    Haven’t posted in a while but looking for advice. Over the years I have gone through many kits, DW, Yamaha mostly, Gretsch, Taye. Anyway as I climb towards 70 ouch, I am considering letting go of my mint Yamaha Oak Custom kit and replacing it with a Yamaha Tour Custom. I had two TC kits in the...
  3. 2bsticks

    Taye Studio Maple or Yamaha Tour Custom Maple

    So, I had a Taye studio maple kit I bought used, I played it about six months and it was a sweet sounding kit. I traded it in and picked up a Yamaha TC kit. Although I have been a long time Yamaha player and still play oak customs I find myself missing the Taye kit? My thinking was selling the...
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    New Yamaha Stage Custom Hips

    Look pretty nice.
  5. 2bsticks

    RIP Neil, Peart

    What a shock, damn!
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    Getting to be a bit much

    Soon to be 66 and working a full time job as well as playing close to 180 gigs per year is starting to take its toll physically. Don't get me wrong I love to play the drums. However I have been with this band since 1995 and believe it or not still play many of the same songs UGH! The guys in...
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    Taye Studio Maple

    Hi Drummers, I picked up a used set of Taye Studio Maple drums. Set consists of 20,12,14 I plan on using this kit for most outdoor gigs and saving my Yamaha Hybrid Maple kit for certain gigs that keep it safe from the elements. Reason I grabbed the Taye is the price was right, the kit has...
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    Yamaha Live Oak OR DW Collectors

    If you had your choice, which kit would it be? I play Oaks and really like them, thinking about a collectors kit in maple but never played them. Any of you have hands on with both? Thanks, Drummers
  9. 2bsticks

    Wooden Bass Drum Hoops

    Help me out with this. I hear conflicting answers about which side of the bass drum hoop faces out. Is it the flat side out? meaning facing away from the drum, or beveled side out? Which side faces inward towards the head? Hoop in question is for a Taye bass drum.
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    Taye Tom mount size?

    Anyone know what size the down tube is for a Taye Pro X bass drum mount? Thanks
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    Taye Pro X

    So I just grabbed a 2008 Taye Pro X bop kit, 12,14,18 and 13" snare. Kit still in boxes. I don'tb have too much knowledge with Tauye. I know they are birch and basswood. Compact drum review was very positive and Ray Ayotte himself said for that price grab them. Any of you play these? Will...
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    Taye Studio Maple

    Anyone out here have any hands on with Taye Studio Maple drums? Don't see them around here too much.
  13. 2bsticks

    Cut the cable?

    Just curious if any of you have cut the cable to your service provider? Are any of you steaming and what service are you using Youtube TV, Hulu, etc? Just curious, thinking getting rid of the cable bill.
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    Should I?

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice here. I pretty much play Yamaha drums. Love them, sound, hardware etc. I have both a Live Custom and the older Oak Custom kits Here is where I need your help. I am thinking of trading in the Live Custom for a set of Tama Starclassic Maple Exotix drums...
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    TAMA Starclassic Maple Exotix Shell Pack

    Looking for any input on this kit?
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    Can't Help Falling Ron Tutt

    Hi, I do a show every year and kind of do a hybrid intro, can't seem to get the actual fill? Any of you able to break this down? 12/8 feel maybe think of the intro in 4/4? Thanks
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    Life on the road

    Caught this clip on Youtube. Not a bad watch, especially all you newbies that want to peruse a career playing music.
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    tom tuning for 10" 12" 15"

    If you tune your toms to a certain notes, lets say 10"=D, 12"=A, 14"=E Now replace the 14" tom with a 15" tom what note would you recommend the 15" tom be tuned to? Stay with the E? Or maybe drop the 15" to D? Would that interval work OK? I know there are no real rules to tuning other...
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    Yamaha EAD10

    Using the Yamaha EAD10. Time of the season is played on a Yamaha Hybrid Maple kit using scene Arena Does anybody really know what time it is played on a Yamaha Stage Custom bop kit scene studio reverb
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    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

    Hi, I just purchased the BCA kit. I'm used to the live oak, and oak custom. Just wondering on head choice. My go to is usually coated ambassador, clear emperor and lately Evans UV1.