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  1. freebirdgdw

    Free download of my bands demo for you guys =]

    Hi guys! A few of you mentioned that you'd like copies of my band Plagues demo which is called 'Beginnings'. Ask and you shall recieve! here's the link to download it :D Also while you're at it, fancy helping us play and awesome music festival this year...
  2. freebirdgdw

    Friends of the forum, a favour?

    Hi guys. As I'm sure a few of you know I've recently joined a band and things are going well but now Plagues need you! There's a competition to be on the 'Kerrang Introducing' stage at the 'Slam Dunk Festival' this year. (It's an annual music festival that takes place at Leeds University UK...
  3. freebirdgdw

    My Bands New Track!

    Hi guys me again, My band Plagues have put another track up and I know a few people said they wanted to know when I did. It's called 'Ghosts But Not Forgotten' and it's the second track of our demo 'Beginnings'. Please check it out and tell me what you think! :)
  4. freebirdgdw

    First gig ever, ever, ever in my life (ever)

    I've been meaning to do this thread since I played my first gig ever with my band Plagues. All my band mates have been in various heavily gigging/touring bands previously so although they'd been out of the loop for about a year, it still wasn't as massive a thing for them as it was me. Our...
  5. freebirdgdw

    Video of my debut gig!

    Here's a video of us playing the song in our set of my band 'Plagues' debut gig! the song is called 'Lifeless' (I think lol we only named the songs the last practice before the gig!). You can't really see much of me because of the angle of the guy who took the video but it's still a cool video...
  6. freebirdgdw

    My bands myspace design!

    Just thought I'd post this on here because my band Plagues have just had a new myspace done by Icon Designs and I'm really stoked! This is the first time I've had anything like this and I'm well chuffed. It might be fairly simple but I love it. Your thoughts?
  7. freebirdgdw

    Back again! My bands demo!

    I started posting again a couple of weeks ago telling everyone I had joined a band (Plagues) etc, and in the last couple of weeks we have been practicing like mad and recorded a two track demo. One of the tracks is up now on Plagues myspace. We did it fairly quickly over two days with Mike...
  8. freebirdgdw

    Band naming help!!!

    In a pickle! Some of you may have noticed a recent thread of mine about me joining a band named 'Thrones'. Sadly we've discovered the bassist from 'The Melvins' has a side project named 'Thrones' (its him singing badly and playing bass too loud over a backing track - not that I'm bitter)...
  9. freebirdgdw

    Gone for a while...

    Hi Drummerworld! Wow! seems like ages since I've been on here! I was absolutely addicted to this site for quite a while and was on here non stop, however I've not been on here for a long while. I've really missed the valuable information and sense of community this place has but I'm back now so...
  10. freebirdgdw

    Song Idea/Demo - feedback

    Hey all A band I'm going to audition/jam with this week sent me a rough, short demo to listen to so I can see what they're about. Ive recorded some drums to it (low quality) so they can check it out too. see it here The recording is really rough so I'd suggest listening to it with headphones...
  11. freebirdgdw

    Cracked Sabian APX 20" crash!!! HELP!

    Bought a Sabian APX 20" regular crash just under 6 months ago. I just sat at my kit for ac ouple of minutes just to mess about and noticed a crack on the cymbal about 15mm just under the Sabian logo going towards the bell from the edge. I was led to believe these were strong aggressive cymbals...
  12. freebirdgdw

    Homemade hang drum!

    Anybody come across these before?
  13. freebirdgdw

    New Ddrum Pocket kit and Tama Metalworks snare

    YEY!!! today is a good day! picked up a new Ddrum Pocket for only £350 because it was an ex-display model and had no snare. Apart from that there's nothing wrong with them. The heads need replacing desperately because the 'Remo UK' heads are awful. Going to get some coated G2s. The finish Is...
  14. freebirdgdw

    Chris Adler Mapex snare.

    Has anyone got any experience with these? I'm going to a music shop soon so I'll be able to see for myself but I just wondered what other people thought of it? I know it's an odd size at 12x5.5 but something that tries to be different is always a good thing I think. I imagine that it wouldn't be...
  15. freebirdgdw

    We Are The Ocean & Underoath covers We Are The Ocean - Nothing Good Has Happened Yet It's really hard to not be tempted to do fills in this song because there aren't any. Teaches how to restrain yourself a bit lol Underoath - Writing On The...
  16. freebirdgdw

    Hardware colour change

    This is hypothetical for the moment but I have a first questions: 1) When drum companies have black hardware on a drum is it powder coated? 2) Would it be expensive to get a four piece kit (hoops, lugs, spurs, tom mounts, etc) powder coated? ballpark price? 3) Is it possible to change chrome...
  17. freebirdgdw

    Found a new way of recording my youtube covers!

    I put a couple of covers up the other day and made a thread about them: After watching them a few times I really wasn't happy with the quality of the sound on the video and thought about how I could improve it. I thought I could borrow...
  18. freebirdgdw

    Underoath and Paramore covers. Underoath - In regards To Myself Paramore - CrushCrushCrush Wacked a couple of simple covers up to show my playing to a guy who's interested in me for a band. He liked them :D Been meaning to put some...
  19. freebirdgdw

    How long does it take to reach your drumming potential?

    I ask because I realised something today. I normally practice for around two hours most days of the week and I've noticed that it takes me about 30 minutes to 'warm up'. When I first sit at my kit my movements aren't as precise or as powerful, I don't have as much energy, my double bass isn't up...
  20. freebirdgdw

    Bearing edge angle differences.

    Just wondering what a difference in angle does to the sound. specifically the difference between 30' and 45'.