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  1. Frosticles

    Favourite Gig Pics

    We all must have them. I love this one from a 'secret' pre-tour gig in Berlin, 2019 60417293_2216267068441807_2216273403285864448_o by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  2. Frosticles

    What Drums Were Made For

    Well, I do have to find a use for my Yamaha Recording Custom's &, here it is :D The Frost's 2021 Xmas Tree. Our 2021 Xmas Tree :D by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  3. Frosticles

    A little unconventional but, love it :)

    Long story short, I have a spare 24x14, 16x16 & 18x16 Mapex Saturn V Tour. Toyed with the idea of this set up for ages. Love it. So playable :) 9Y0A8435 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A8436 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A8438 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A8441 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  4. Frosticles

    Pearl Export ex-Carcass

    A little project I have been working on is the old Pearl Export from 1990 that belonged to Carcass. Was asked to restore this for their old drummer Ken Owen. Have kept all the kits battle scars & wounds & have retained as many original parts as possible. This will now live on for another 31...
  5. Frosticles

    Oh my. DCP have outdone themselves with this beauty :)

    THE best drum sound ever???? That Supraphonic is just perfection. 😍
  6. Frosticles

    Problems accessing here when using Safari

    Over the past few days my browser (Safari) seems to have blocked this forum. I can open it as usual on Chrome (using it now). Any ideas as to why?
  7. Frosticles

    Absolutely gutted :(

    Bought this Pearl 14x6.5 MK1 Steel Free Floater & it has been booted around by the courier & arrived like the pics below. Mortified. The seller has been an absolute star though & will be chasing a claim as it was fully insured. Am on the look out for a cradle but am in the UK so it may be a...
  8. Frosticles

    Oddity......... Izmir 20" Medium Ride

    Acquired this cymbal a couple of days ago & assumed it was Brass junk. On closer inspection, looks a very nice cymbal. Lovely lathing & hand hammering. Has a great sound with good definition & no nasty overtones. I am thinking it is B20 by it's sound. Anyone have any info on these cymbals...
  9. Frosticles

    Help identifying drum kit make.

    Just got this pile of scrap that I intend to make into a "Skip Kit" anyone have any idea as to who the manufacturer is? I've been looking all day but have drawn a blank. s-l1600-23 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr s-l1600-25 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr B44BAB38-B987-4A2D-8B04-9713F99E5659 by Kevin...
  10. Frosticles

    Yamaha Crosstown Hardware

    Bought a set last week with an extra cymbal stand. Got around to setting it up today. Overall opinions - wonderful. Superbly made, stable & super light. One BIG gripe though is the Hi-Hat Stand. Almost impossible to use with a double pedal as the base is fixed & cannot be turned :( looks like...
  11. Frosticles

    Swap Premier Artist Maple for Crush Sublime E3 Maple?????? Thoughts

    I have just acquired a Premier Artist Maple (British made) As I regret selling my last one. Have been offered a Crush Sublime E3 Maple as a straight swap. I have no knowledge of the Crush. Any thought from you all? Kind regards, Kevin
  12. Frosticles

    Crappy Sonor Force 2001 Head Choice?

    I have just purchased a rather crappy Sonor Force 2001 (£50) for kit share gigs. A little reading up on the thing & it mentions that head choice is important as only certain heads will sound good on it. Anyone have this thing & what is your head choice? Ta muchly :)
  13. Frosticles

    Help needed with DW MDD Pedal. (Pic required)

    Slight curiosity with my MDD pedals. Can someone who also has some of these please take a pic of the main pedal where the bearing fits into the post on the side nearest the shaft. My bearing seems to sit proud by about 1mm. I have measured the distance between the posts at the bottom & at the...
  14. Frosticles

    Toying with the idea of the DW MDD Pedals............. Convince me......or not :)

    I have a chance of a pair of these & am curious. Never played DD's before. I currently have a brand new pair of 9002's currently on chains. (Straps available if I wanted) & also a pair of Iron Cobra Coiled Powerglides which I take on tour as I don't care too much for them. Been watching a few...
  15. Frosticles

    Bored & fed up with the constant rain.......

    Crappier weather than usual here in the UK. Cold, extremely wet & windy. Has been for a week now :( So, to cure today's boredom I set up both my kits. Much happier now.......... Decided that I am going to sell the PDP/DW Rack though. 9Y0A5974 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A5967 by Kevin...
  16. Frosticles

    Needing a very rare Pearl 10" Tom. Having problems.

    Hi all. Have asked this over on the PDF Forum but also thought it wouldn't harm to ask here also. I am trying to fins a 10" tom for my Pearl Masters Premium Maple "Redline" kit. I know these are very rare kits & even more so here in the UK. I have emailed Pearl but am yet to receive a reply :(...
  17. Frosticles

    2 cracks in a month.........

    In the past 20 years I have never cracked a cymbal (Zildjian) but, have cracked two (Non-Zildjian 18 & 19 crashes) in a month. They have both gone in the same place but have been told it isn't a manufacturing defect so not covered under warranty. In the past, I have suffered cracks from either...
  18. Frosticles

    Cramping problems. Solution?

    Hi all, Have been suffering from cramping of my right hand (Especially the thumb) during the first two or 3 songs of our set. Have been doing lots of warm up exercises before we play which I usually start a couple of hours before. Finger stretches etc. I am also beginning to cramp up in my...
  19. Frosticles

    Manufacturing error or something else?

    Had this happen last weekend :( Mortified. Heard it go off mid set. First cymbal break for 20 years & the cymbal has had only light use really :( To me, looks like a manufacturing fault to go in that place & that pattern? Thoughts....... fullsizeoutput_e7d by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  20. Frosticles

    Been a long time. Remo CS Black Dots

    The last time I used these would have been over 30 years ago on my old Premier Royal knacker. They are still, to me, the coolest looking heads available :) Tuned up & they sound fantastic. Looking forward to gigging with them in a couple of weeks. fullsizeoutput_e69 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr