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  1. groovemaster_flex

    Drum Cover Series! This is the first of 5 videos in the series. I brought in a friend to help me put together a press kit, and it kind of turned into this series of drum covers. First one is Peace Sign by LIGHTS. Let me know what you think!
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    Okay, so my band is doing this promo thing to help boost our international fan base. Basically, what you have to do is "Like" us on Facebook: And then share us with your friends. Post a screen cap of you sharing our page on your wall, and we'll send you a...
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    FREE CD - My band My old high school band got together and recorded a demo back when I was 15. I found it and since we aren't together any more... Well, here's the single we ended up releasing off of it. You can find a link to the free download in the...
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    PARAMORE - MISERY BUSINESS Let me know what you think!
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    Another Drum Cover! I have a tendency to get excited and rush, I really have to practice to a click more, but any other comments would be greatly appreciated! It's a cover of one of my band's songs that we're using as promo to push our EP before we actually release. Build...
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    Drum Cover - The Relay Company - Love Me Hate Me Let me know what you think! It's a pretty easy song to rock out to, I'm more curious as to what you guys think of my technique. This is the kind of stuff that I normally play, although I'm educated in jazz.
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    Skinny Jake Has anyone seen this guy? Definitely one of the most underrated pop punk drums. His basic kit technique is phenomenal. He pulls out the flash just often enough to let you know he's good, but not often enough to overpower...
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    So my band just released our EP. Or rather the first single off of our 5 song EP. We recorded the entire thing in my basement. I mixed the tracks at home on a pair of Yamaha NS10m's and mastered them at a studio that I work at in Toronto. Please do me a huge favour, listen to the song, let me...
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    Drum Lesson! The KILLER Exercise!

    Just a little something I picked up from this site. It's an exercise developed by Joe Morello! I've made it a regular part of my practice/warmup routine. It's helped my technique a lot, especially when it comes to throwing together rudimental combinations, I hope it will help you, too, should...
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    Fellow Teachers - Student Not Hitting Hard Enough?

    I have a few students who, no matter how many times I show them... Or how many times I tell them, just won't hit the drums. We've gone over various techniques, I've jammed with them, I've told them to visualize things, watch other drummers, watch me, blahblahblah, but they still hit the drums...
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    I've disappeared for a bit, but I've come back! I was on tour and in studio with a singer/songwriter for a bit, so I couldn't really get on the internets, but I am back! I'm in studio with a new band, and we have some rough demos up. Check our myspace and let me know what you think at...
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    Teaching a 5 year old

    The music school I work at recently gave me a very young student. 5 years young as a matter of fact. They thought that because I'm the youngest teacher, I could connect with him more (no joke, haha). The first lesson went okay, but I feel like I'm going to be running out of ideas incredibly...
  13. groovemaster_flex

    Cover of Ke$ha's Tik Tok

    Let me know what you guys think. I did it in one take, I'm not too pleased with the fills, but I like the grooves I came up with. Recorded with two mics, Rode M3 as an overhead and an SM58 on the kick.
  14. groovemaster_flex

    Paramore Cover Sunday Bloody Sunday... And So Do I! I got bored of practicing my chops, so I decided to post a cover that I actually took the time to make sound good! Specs in the video. I'm not trying to be flashy, just trying to groove, naw mean? Let me know what you think. I post the specs for the...
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    Drummers in the GTA?

    Hey I don't normally do this, but I'm looking for a drummer in the Greater Toronto Area to take my spot as drummer in a band. The band is not established, but is filled with plenty of talented musicians, all between the ages of 18 and 22. Band is looking to tour come Summer 2010. If you're...
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    Used and Abused.

    This happened to me a while ago, and I probably should've posted it when it happened, but it's been festering and now I'm pissed. Basically, a couple months ago, one of my fellow students approached me and asked if I wanted to join his band. He told me that time was an issue, that they had to...
  17. groovemaster_flex

    Working Rates?

    Hey guys, as an up-and-comer in the music business, I have a question for the gigging drummers out there. What do you guys charge when you do session work? How do royalties work for you guys? When you teach a lesson, how much do you charge? When you play a bar gig, or sub in for another...
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    god plays drums - anthony michelli anthony michelli. one of the best, if not the best, jazz drummer to come out of canada. he has a ridiculously musical approach to drums. i love it. oh yeah. and my TA for musicianship 1000 is on bass :) YEEE ROB CLUTTON
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    singing as a drummer..?

    anyone feel that singing improves your drumming ability in anyway shape or form? i mean, i get that it's a good skill to have. but one of my mandatory classes in university is choir. i want to find a practical way to use the singing to improve my drumming. anyone?
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    Drum Cover Frequencies by The Junction

    Hey guys! Another youtube cover Let me know what you think. Criticize anything and everything! And let me know what i can do to be better Thanks! Thomas