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  1. tbmills

    My demo recording setup: how to improve it?

    hello all, my band has started recording some demos. we have a VERY basic setup and not a ton to invest. were a classic rock 4 piece (drums, bass, electric, organ/vocals) and therefore need to be able to capture all those sounds as good as we can. limited selection of mics: CAD GXL2200 Shure...
  2. tbmills

    Help: Refinishing 15" floor to match

    long time no post, a couple months back i purchased a 15"x14 pearl dlx floor tom that had been painted over with white paint. i used it as a mini kick for a little bit but then shelved it. i want to use it as a second floor on my kit, an early 90's slingerland 14"x20, 8x12, 14x14 in dark red...
  3. tbmills

    my new (old) slingerland prog jazz kit

    hey guys, so, i actually bought these shells at the beginning of the summer, but have yet to do this... new!!! early 90s slingerland artist classic shells (assembled in gretsch NC factory) 8x12 amb. coated / clear 14x14 amb. coated / clear 14x20 ps3 coated / fiberskyn 3 1972 gretsch c.o.b...
  4. tbmills

    Gretsch Central - Sam Bacco custom rebuilds

    while driving through nashville, i stopped at forks drum closet and saw a champagne sparkle gretsch bop kit in the corner. the clerk said they are vintage jasper shells with all holes filled, new silver sealer, recut bearing edges, new wrap, and all new hardware. sam bacco lives in nashville and...
  5. tbmills

    playing at the same place as Johnny Vidacovich

    i am right now in hattiesburg, ms at t-bone records with my band playing a little acoustic promo for our gig tonight. guess what i saw written on the marquee? johnny vidacovich is playing here on the 17th. supposedly, hes doing a full kit clinic type thing. when i read his name i freaked. no one...
  6. tbmills

    How do I contact Tama for parts?

    I have searched the tama website looking for contact info and i cannot find it... i have two parts id like to replace, 1. the pull rod from my lever glide hat stand (mine is bent) and 2. is the connecting rod on my ic double pedals (some of the threads are stripped). i located the part...
  7. tbmills

    what are these called? (vintage bass hardware question)

    seems like older bass drums have a lug system that doesnt allow for difference tensions on each head. for each pair of claws one has threading and one has the wingnut. i have been wanting a 26 or 28 inch bass drum for sometime now. the one i found and like is missing one of these hardware...
  8. tbmills

    Come On Go With Us - my new band, our new videos...

    we just played a showcase in nashville and found out that the host, billy block, recorded us and posted a few songs. i was really excited to do the show since i had just spent some $1600 on new shells and hardware, but they just reversed the backline kit to lefty :( let me know what you think...
  9. tbmills


    i want a tambourine. i need one to hit and one to shake. i have a mount on my bass hoop where i mount a cowbell where ill hit it. i would like to shake it with my hand (and maybe even my hi hat rod.) i like the lp cyclops. i have an lp salsa bell. its nice nickel/steel or brass? i am on a...
  10. tbmills

    Tama hihat: Lever or Velo glide?

    i am in the market for a new hihat stand. i have (and love) my iron cobra pedals and want a matching hihat stand, but tama offers two types. the velo-glide is chain driven. the lever-glide uses a strap. right now, i am leaning toward the lever glide. what do you guys think?
  11. tbmills

    90s slingerland artist classic

    hey guys i found one of these in 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, 5x14 maple with walnut stain. the guys says they were assembled in the gretsch factory. does anyone know about this kit?
  12. tbmills

    vintage or homemade keller?

    i am needing a new kit and am wondering which direction is the smarter option. these are the sizes i am wanting 14x20 (or 16x20) 8x12 14x14 16x16 i priced this kit out with keller shells (6 ply toms, 8 ply bass) and diecast hoops and came out around $1250. so that is the budget/range im...
  13. tbmills

    Sticks for a tour...?

    i am taking some time off and going on tour starting in july. i was wondering what to do about the drumstick situation. i have enough trouble as it is finding what i like where i live. is there a good way to get sticks for a tour? i am looking for bulk or "artist" pricing if possible. do any...
  14. tbmills

    flat/flush-base cymbal stands

    i am wanting some new stands and want to stay light for my tour this summer. i really like the look of straight flat/flush base stands and i know they are lighter than standard hardware. it looks like the three big companies that offer these are gibraltar, dw, and pearl. i dont really like the...
  15. tbmills

    my stage presence... help.

    i need some help... i have a problem with my stage presence. i look weird when i play. i seem to have blank expression on my face almost always, and when i improvise, i look like i am thinking too much instead of feeling it. this shouldnt matter, but it does. i want to be able to know that in...
  16. tbmills

    old snare, new strainer, no drilling... how?

    i have a 70s gretsch c.o.b. and the lightning throw is unreliable at best. i want to replace it with the dunnett gibraltar swivel strainer, but my snare has a strange triangular drilling pattern. how can i use a modern strainer without drilling? here are some pics
  17. tbmills

    car totaled... what should i get next?

    ok, so i own a 2000 volkswagen gti. last monday, some girl pulled out of a parallel parking spot into traffic, into me. it looked like it was only a small "fender bender" but it bent the frame, and hurt the suspension under the passenger side front wheel. the damage is estimated at over $4200...
  18. tbmills

    splitting the difference... odd depths

    so i have looking into making my own stave kit and im torn on sizes... i want to have 12 14 16 toms and 18 26 kicks but im not 100% on depths. it seems like 14 floor toms come in depths of 12 and 14, but what about 13"? same for a 16 floor. why not make it 15" deep? the big ones for me are the...
  19. tbmills

    drum lugs bulk

    is there anywhere that i can find some bulk drum lugs? id like to not pay $250 for lugs if possible...
  20. tbmills

    Masterwork Jazz Master 22" Ride

    hey guys, i have been looking for a larger, more washy ride lately. my 20 a ping has a little too much roar and not enough wash... earlier today i got a call from a friend who works a gc back home who said that some guy traded his masterworks in for a snare. he spoke specifically about a 22"...