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  1. NickSchles

    5 way coordination workouts.

    So over the last month I've been working on my 5 way coordination by playing elaborate foot ostinatos over paradiddle inversions and singing songs on top of that. It's been tons of fun to work on, and when adding a gap click to the proceedings, the challenge is even harder. That said, the...
  2. NickSchles

    Do you practice Yoga, and have you found it's helped your playing?

    Thanks for reading the article and feedback! That's awesome that you're a calisthenics athlete; the flexibility / mobility element of Yoga, I'd imagine, are fantastic for the kind of work you do, right?
  3. NickSchles

    Do you practice Yoga, and have you found it's helped your playing?

    Some years ago I used to teach a girl who was a proficient Yogi. Over the course of a couple of lessons we got talking about certain Yoga principles. These, I thought could be really useful for us drummers in both practicing and learning our instrument. So I wrote an article about it which was...
  4. NickSchles

    I just bought a Tune-Bot Studio... What's your experience with it?

    Sweet! Can't wait to try it tomorrow.
  5. NickSchles

    I just bought a Tune-Bot Studio... What's your experience with it?

    Thanks, bud! I will check this out as well as download the file tomorrow! Exciting times!
  6. NickSchles

    I just bought a Tune-Bot Studio... What's your experience with it?

    So, I've just bought a Tune-Bot Studio, and I'm very excited about it. I decided to go for it for several reasons. Amongst these are helping me keep consistent tunings, experiment with suggested tunings but, most importantly, to help me improve my tuning skills by training my ears...
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    So, here's the score... My main instrument is the drums, but my first instrument was actually the guitar... I love playing it, but I don't do it often enough. This is mostly because, for my own personal compositions, I find the process daunting and, because I'm perfectionist, the whole thing...
  8. NickSchles

    Time of my life drummer

    You see, my guess is that it’s probably Jeff Porcaro. But again, what do I know… I’m trying to dig around. Either way, it’s defo not a drum machine!
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    OK, so I got inspired and wrote a little blog post about Christmas gift ideas for drummers... You know, the holiday season is around the corner, and well, I want people to know what to get me, lol. To be fair though, the kinds of gift ideas I thought about were more on the reasonable budget end...
  10. NickSchles

    Damn you, imposter syndrome!

    It doesn't mean you're a fraud, it's just insecurity. I mean, I've taught lots of students who have become great drummers, and also done work with lots of bands and producers who have commended my work, and been called back. In spite of these things, I still feel self-doubt. But hey... It's how...
  11. NickSchles

    Damn you, imposter syndrome!

    That's great, man! I'm very happy for you, and I agree with you to a large extent. That said, saying self-doubt doesn't stand a chance is pretty black and white when this type of thing is influenced by factors wider than just work ethic (i.e. upbringing, etc).
  12. NickSchles

    Damn you, imposter syndrome!

    Do you get imposter syndrome? I do. It happens from time to time, but when it does come, it's a crappy state of mind to be in, and it can last from a few hours to a whole day, or sometimes a week. I wrote a little blog post about it because I wanted to share my experience with it, and...
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    Sweet! Thanks for the advice and sorry for the late reply.
  14. NickSchles


    That's cool. A friend of mine loves his RNC. Thanks for your recommendation!
  15. NickSchles


    Thanks, dude. That's very helpful; I'll check these out. I'm also UK-based, in London. How about yourself?
  16. NickSchles


    Hi all, So, I’m upgrading gear for my recording studio (from where I do remote sessions) and looking to get better overhead mic preamps, as well as increase my inputs. What pres do you like on your Overheads? I’ve heard Daking makes great pres, and whilst my budget won’t stretch to APIs and...
  17. NickSchles


    I'll be most likely purchasing these pres today. I wondered what your experience with these are! I've done some tests on the BD, SD and OH and I dig how they sound. As far as I understand, they're Neve 1272 clones slightly modified as preamps rather than line amps. Do you have any? If so, what...
  18. NickSchles

    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    It depends. As a drummer, I see it as my job to keep everyone in time. During sections where there’s no drums, I tend to keep time on 2 and 4 with my left foot (hi hats), which can be subtle enough. However, it’s the whole band’s responsibility to have good time and feel the pulse as a unit. So...
  19. NickSchles

    Comfortable/ergonomic throne on a budget?

    I could suggest several things, but I can tell you that your budget will further if you buy second hand / pre-loved. See what's out there and compare your options. Also, go with a 3-legged base rather than 4... If the floor isn't fully level, a 4-legged base will be wonky! :P
  20. NickSchles

    She's Back!!!

    I'll have a listen to this. I really like her drumming, and as a composer... And, I also like her sense of style / aesthetic. She inspired me to get an orange beanie. I think kids would call my sense of style as "chewgy".