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  1. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch New Classic kit

    I have a 2010 kit with 22/20/16/14/12/10/8. I bought new in 2010 in Vintage Nitron Glass wrap. What's the kit worth? It sounds like a USA kit. Bass drums are virgin & toms and floor toms have clamps/legs. Only gigged once. Also have SKB cases available in same sizes. You don't ever see them with...
  2. drummingbulldog


    I tried one of these kits today. The toms sounded ok with the factory heads but the 18" kick sound much bigger. I kept kicking it marveling at the sound. My 18" kicks I had in the past never sounded so good. With good heads this kit would be a great gig kit. For $700.00 this kit is better than...
  3. drummingbulldog

    Session on Friday

    I did a session on Friday 5/28/21 & was told there was a kit & not to bring anything. So hearing those famous last words many times over the years with auditions/open mics/sub gigs etc., I elected to bring some snare drums, cymbals, drum throne & kick pedal. I know better... I got to the studio...
  4. drummingbulldog

    Roger Hawkins RIP
  5. drummingbulldog

    Mapex MPX 8x14

    I just traded some gear for this drum. This one is black & has diecast hoops. The shell is great and even with used heads it is super sensitive. I am thinking of getting some S Hoops for it & sell the diecast hoops.
  6. drummingbulldog

    Sabian EQ hats

    What are your thoughts on the Sabian EQ hats?