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  1. BillRayDrums

    Hi gang! I've moved!

    To Seattle! Anyone up here?! Why am I yelling? ;) Seriously, I'm now up in Seattle (West Seattle) so if'n any of ya'lls lives 'round here ping me I'm hitting all the jam sessions / studios and am meeting lots of new folks.
  2. BillRayDrums

    Doing a clinic on August 8 in Vista, CA

    Heya all! I'm gearing up for a move to Seattle mid August and will be doing a drum clinic on 8/8 at "Drum Flip" in Vista, CA. If you're in the area I'd like to invite you down.
  3. BillRayDrums

    Bass Sniper Alejandro Masafret

    I've been doing this thing where I find a bassist online that plays with a loop pedal and then fall onto their groove. Most of these are first takes, including this one. It's how I hone my perception and intuition, just going for it and seeing how our trains of thought match up over the course...
  4. BillRayDrums

    Played with Paul Gilbert last night...

    Little Wing by Hendrix, among other tunes...
  5. BillRayDrums

    A new collaboration I'm working on.

    Guy is in Italy, I'm in California. We're passing tracks back and forth. Tune is in 4/4 with a "chorus" in 7/8 and the drum solo in 7 as well.
  6. BillRayDrums

    Dizziness version 0.3
  7. BillRayDrums

    I've perfected "Drum-bombing", LMAO... Yeah, three birds with the same stone! 1-Promote an unknown artist 2-learn a cool new song 3- promote yourself... Oh yeah #4- get pretty good with iMovie or whatever your video editing software is... :D :D
  8. BillRayDrums

    #basssniper Bobby Vega

    My new thing: find a random bassist, Put a drum part to it. FIrst takes most of the time. This was first take, never heard it before.
  9. BillRayDrums

    Mucking about with the relative tempo

    This is a good illustration of how to take a cadence (in this case 17/8 and then the "chorus" of 7/4) and then speed it up or slow it down. This tune always needed something else to nudge it along, I think we got it here.
  10. BillRayDrums

    My new thing- Bass Sniping

    Find a bassist who plays a solo on Youtube, grab that vid and play along to it, post it side by side... Be a good bass sniper. Always include a link to the video.
  11. BillRayDrums

    19" Sabian AAX Xplosion Fast Crash

    Just got this in last Thursday and had a chance to use it over the weekend on three gigs; A country/rock thing on Friday, an instrumental rock thing on Saturday and an acoustic trio on Sunday. It's a thinner crash than the "normal" AAX Xplosion model. I have a 17" AAX Xplosion as well as 19"...
  12. BillRayDrums

    Changing the tempo on the fly...

    That's what I did! HAHAHA
  13. BillRayDrums

    "Fred" by Tony Williams

    My friend sent me a version of "Fred" by Tony Williams that he had worked up on the keyboard. It's an abridged version so all the solos aren't there. It's just a nod to the master. Of course I'm not Tony Williams (obviously)... it's just a salute! Enjoy it...
  14. BillRayDrums

    15 for 30 challenge!

    15bpm for 30 minutes. Play the same simple beat. 8th notes on the hats, 1&3 on kick, 2&4 on snare. The metronome can be subdivided to 8th notes and no smaller, since the hihat is playing 8ths, hence the smallest value used.
  15. BillRayDrums

    VLAD The Drumming Horse

    Very Loud And Drags. He's quite a handful, that Vlad. Anyhow he stopped by my studio today. Crapped in the corner and ate all my trail mix. Bastard.
  16. BillRayDrums

    Invoking Kurt Vonnegut in a groove

    “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano
  17. BillRayDrums

    From our gig opening for Doyle Bramhall II Drum solo at 4:30-ish...
  18. BillRayDrums

    How to play 4 against 7

    Quick lesson on the 4:7 polyrhythm.
  19. BillRayDrums

    I found some tracks online and began working a part to them.

    So I found these tracks to play along to; my normal routine was getting a bit stale and I figured it was time to get some new stuff written by someone I'd never met. The cool thing about this stuff is that I get to practice my intuitiveness; I'm not listening to these endless but rather I give...
  20. BillRayDrums

    Need "realtime human input" for an artist I work with.

    Last year an Anglican priest from Vernon, BC Canada contacted me to play two songs on his album. I faithfully took the job and had a religious experience in doing so! Please vote for Chris Harwood-Jones on the CBC site. I played two tunes on his album and it ranks high among my favorite...