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  1. mmulcahy1

    A New Journey

    I know by the forum rules that this probably has no place here on DW, but I thought I'd give it a shot. On July 18 I was informed that I have metastasized melanoma cancer in my liver, spleen, and vertebrae. Needless to say, I don't feel much like playing much right now. I just wanted to share...
  2. mmulcahy1

    Worst Badge in the Business

    Random question of the day: "Who has the worst badge (or logo) in the drum business?" My vote: Mapex. God-awful ugly design. What are your thoughts?
  3. mmulcahy1

    Your full name on your bass drum head

    If I were Mitch Mitchell, you bet! But I'm not, so I probably wouldn't. I have thought about using my avatar on my Gretsch kit, though.
  4. mmulcahy1

    Do You Drum While Not Drumming?

    I am constantly drumming when I'm not behind my kit. I find myself always working on sticking, rhythms, timing, etc. I think it's at a subconscious level at this point and my mind is always playing the drums. It's really strange to be engaged in an activity that isn't music related only to be...
  5. mmulcahy1

    Ludwig Announces New Raw Brass Snare Drums

    What do you think? I sure they'll sound awesome, but they look like they've been left by the side of the road for about 20 years. Bo's on a current snare drum bender at the moment.... somebody tell him!!!
  6. mmulcahy1

    Reverb - Crazy Hard Drum Quiz

    It was for me! I suck, a 23% Post your score!
  7. mmulcahy1

    Hi-hat Stands

    I was just reading the thread about how you would prioritize replacing your gear and it got me to thinking about hi-hat stands. What makes for a good hi-hat stand and what makes a good one at an inexpensive price? I have a simple Sound Percussion stand that (to me) appears to work just fine...
  8. mmulcahy1

    R.I.P. Malcolm Young

    The sound and backbone of AC/DC since 1975 has passed away.
  9. mmulcahy1

    Help! Help! Help! - Should I tell my tutor or not.

    I say tell your drum teacher. Tell him to get big power toms and mount them up high along with the cymbals... I mean, come on, Roger Taylor can't be wrong.
  10. mmulcahy1

    Are We Responsible for the Increased Cost of Snare Drums?

    It seems to me that in the last five years or so that used snare drum prices have really gone through the roof... especially on used drums such as the Ludwig Acrolite... they are getting really close to used Supra prices. Recently, I have been looking at used acrolites (since I gave mine away...
  11. mmulcahy1

    What is the concept behind this type setup?

    Mick Fleetwood has his mounted toms in reverse order too.
  12. mmulcahy1

    Evans Calftone or Calftone-EQ4?

    After 5 years with the stock Gretsch head, I want to change the resonant head on my bass drum and the Calftones have peeked my interest. Does anyone use these heads as resos? Both Calftones are the same, except the EQ4 version has a 10 mil overtone control ring - same as my current Gretsch...
  13. mmulcahy1

    Another One (Retailer) Bites the Dust

    This morning I decided that I would make the trek across town and hit up my favorite music store. This place is the biggest and most well supplied Mom & Pop joint in New Mexico - Grandma's Music & Sound- I love going there! Well, when I pulled up today I saw a big dumpster located in the...
  14. mmulcahy1

    Great Bonzo Video

    I came across this today and haven't seen anything posted here about it, so I thought I'd share with you: Discuss
  15. mmulcahy1

    How Many Cymbals do You Own?

    What's the total of cymbals in your inventory? Hi-hats count as one I have 6 2 crashes 1 hi-hat 1 ride 1 splash 1 gong - can't forget that! :-)
  16. mmulcahy1

    How Many Drums do You Own?

    Not drumsets, you're total quantity of individual drums all added up together. Who's hauled home the most gear? I have 9. 4 toms 3 snares 1 bass 1 djembe
  17. mmulcahy1

    Tom angles!!!!

    Yikes! ____________________
  18. mmulcahy1

    My New Gong

    While I was out today, I stopped by a local music shop just to see if I could find anything I needed/wanted - you know the drill. Well as I'm looking around at the used gear I stop to look at these two drums (bass & rack tom). As I begin to walk away, I just happen to look down and saw this...
  19. mmulcahy1

    Larry’s Supraphonic Update

    Last December, Larry was giving all sorts of drums to some of us lowlifes here on the DW Forum. I was fortunate enough to receive his re-born Ludwig Super Sensitive in its new form of a 6.5 Supraphonic. Well as the winter months went on and work became busier (I teach middle school Science)...
  20. mmulcahy1

    Hi-hat stand clunking

    To be totally honest, since I got my gear 5 years ago everything seemed pretty straight forward; cymbal stands - no problem, bass pedal(s) - no problem, tom stands - no problem, thrones - no problem. But my hi-hat stand has always had a type of clunking sound when it's operated with just my...