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  1. ThatCallumMurrayKid

    Best Evans tom batter + reso?

    I'm having alot of trouble with the remo coating problem... damn things flake within a few hours :( i want to switch to evans, i was wondering what heads would be best for a warm (im thinking coated) and not too harsh sound? TIA
  2. ThatCallumMurrayKid

    My Premier APK's..

    Hey guys, kinda new to the forum, decided id post some pics of my kit :-) Not exactly sure when its from.. im estimating 80's-90's? Beautiful sound of the kit, specs on request :)
  3. ThatCallumMurrayKid

    Black marks round the edges of cymbal

    Im kinda having a problem with black marks round the edges of my crash cymbal, its not the rusting spots, it goes round the whole cymbal, im thinking stick marks? any idea how to get rid of them? :( heres a pic..
  4. ThatCallumMurrayKid

    Evans EMAD vs Aquarian Superkick?

    Busted my batter bass head today, (two years service :o ) as a result, im now looking for a replacement! my drum teacher said either the EMAD or aquarian superkick... which do you guys think is better? from experience preferably.