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  1. Drum-Head

    Senri Kawaguchi?

    Yep there are a lot of talented youngsters around... But I think she's a very nice drummer and I love the fact that she covers songs from the anime K-On. - A NIGHT IN TUNISIA - K-On ED - Don't Say Lazy
  2. Drum-Head

    Head drums anyone?

    Maybe some of you have seen this, but a friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page. Please check it out, I thought is was fun! - Neurosonics Live
  3. Drum-Head

    Yamaha Hex Rack HXTC clamps.

    Hi there, I'm trying my last hope here. I have the possibility to get a Hex Rack, the last one the store has left. The only problem is that the HXTC clamps that I was going to order were sold in the last few days. I've checked all the sites I know, but nobody has them. Only one site would say...
  4. Drum-Head

    Question regarding the ICON DR503C rack

    Hello~ I am considering purchasing a drum rack for my kit. At first I wanted a Yamaha Hexrack but the four sided one is not only very expensive (750€) but the Hexrack system is being discontinued by Yamaha as of now. My second choice is the Pearl ICON curved rack. This is very...
  5. Drum-Head

    My band's new video.

    Hi there, Just posting here the new video clip for my band, Dame Skool. It's no Hollywood production since we do everything (recording, videos etc.) ourselves and with the means we have, which aren't much. You might enjoy the fact that this clip has Playboy model Angélique Jérome in it though...