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  1. gmiller598

    Gretsch Gold Series Stave Snares

    what does anyone know about them. The local MusicGoRound stores seem to have picked up some inventory of a handful of the Barnwood maple stave drums. I can't find much info about them but considering they got several of these drums I suspect they didn't sell well and this is warehouse clean out...
  2. gmiller598

    Stacking a splash on a 2nd hi hat

    Neil Peart did this on his right side hi hat next to his ride cymbal. I'm trying to find a way to stack a small splash on top of a hi hat but I can't find a stacker attachment designed to mount on a hi hat rod. Does one exist? I was going to get a Gibraltar 9707XB to mount my spare hats and then...
  3. gmiller598

    How long are you waiting?

    I was just quoted as 6-8 weeks from Ludwig for a couple of add on toms for my Classic Maple kit. Probably about what I expected but I woudn't be surprised if it arrived sooner. I'm curious to know what others are waiting for any orders they currently have right now in today's COVID world. Has...
  4. gmiller598

    Are ball joints for mounting clamps universal?

    I have a Gibraltar double Tom clamp for a cymbal stand but I need 12mm arms for some add on toms with the Atlas mounting brackets I’m going to order. Can I just replace the ball arms or should I just buy a new bracket?
  5. gmiller598

    If you had to pick 1 single pedal jazz/funk what do you get?

    The hex shaft and rocker appear to be stripped on my Ludwig Atlas Standard pedal s the beater won't stay in position. I already have an Atlas Pro double pedal I practice on but I'm looking for something to travel with that is preferably lighter weight if I ever need to move my kit. I don't know...
  6. gmiller598

    Atlas hardware and bags.

    I have complete Atlas hardware on my Classic Maple kit. Atlas Rail, Atlas Mount on the 12x8 rack tom and Atlas floor tom legs on the 14x14 and 16x16 drums. For any and all bags that exist, do I need to go up 2 inches on the diameter size for them to fit? Do the floor toms need to go up more due...
  7. gmiller598

    Favorite head combos for maple shell?

    I just got a new to me Ludwig Classic Maple 12/14/16 toms and it came with coated Emperors on top and clear Diplomats on bottom. I want to keep the Emperors but I’m thinking about switching the reso heads to a coated Ambassador to warm up the sound a bit. I’m not sure the diplomats are filling...
  8. gmiller598

    Difference between Gretsch New Classic and Renown shells

    Since the New Classic was discontinued a handful of years ago, how different are the Renown shells? Gretsch calls them 7 ply maple but I don't recall that they ever gave much info on the New Classic shells. It looks like the Ivory Marine Pearl wrap finish of the New Classic is the same as the...
  9. gmiller598

    Any NAMM Sabian news?

    I know a few months ago Stanton Moore hinted that his signature cymbals would relaunch under the HH name in January. I assumed that NAMM would be the launching pad for them and any other Crescent lines to be pulled into the Sabian name. Any updates on that or other news of note?
  10. gmiller598

    Head and tuning choice for Ludwig Epic

    Anyone with a Ludwig Epic kit have recommendations on head choice? I have Evans clear G1 on the top and bottom right now. I just can't get them to sound good.
  11. gmiller598

    Sabian purchasing Crescent Cymbals

    No official release yet that I have seen but it was posted on the Crescent FB page that they are selling to Sabian officially. Sounds like the Crescent name will continue at least for the time being.
  12. gmiller598

    Ludwig Atlas Pro Double Pedal

    What is everyone's experience with the Atlas double pedal? I currently have a DW 3002 double and after over a year with it, I'm still struggling to get it set comfortably. I already have all Atlas standard hardware so I'm considering the Atlas double for continuity in pedal feel between my high...
  13. gmiller598

    Sound deadening options in a basement

    I'm looking at ways to deaden the sound in my basement of my house. It was built in the 1940's and while there is carpet on the "finished" part of the basement floor, the walls are concrete and the sounds echoes around down there. I'm not looking to completely soundproof it but I would like to...
  14. gmiller598

    What would one pay for 1969 LM400?

    Just throwing this out there to see what people generally value this drum at. I have an opportunity to buy one with moderate pitting. Judging the pictures i've seen, its got decent pitting around the shell. Doesn't look terrible but probably what you would expect from an average 40+ year old...
  15. gmiller598

    Gibraltar 4700 series hardware

    How sturdy is the 4700 series hardware from Gibraltar. I know it is double braced but since it is the cheapest hardware from Gibraltar, is it strong enough to handle an 8X12 tom and a 19" crash ride without any issues or should I consider moving up to the 5700 series stuff?
  16. gmiller598

    Flat stands strong enough to support 12" tom?

    Does anyone have experience with flat based hardware being strong enough and stable enough to mount a 12" tom. I have a Gretsch New Classic bop kit that mounts the 12" tom to a cymbal stand. I'm considering expending my hardware so I can have both of my kits set up at the same time. I'm...
  17. gmiller598

    Jazz guys - bop kit tuning?

    Do you guys tune your drums to specific notes? Right now, I have my bass tuned to an F, floor tom to a C, 8x12 tuned to an F and the snare to A flat in an F minor chord with the resonant drums basically a perfect 5th between the bass and floor tom and a perfect 4th between the 2 mounted toms...
  18. gmiller598

    Grover Jazz Bright snare wires

    Anyone with any experience using these? I'd like to upgrade the snares on my 5.5x14 Gretsch New Classic Maple snare and I want something really sensitive for brushes and light left hand comping. Unless I miscounted they look like 15 strand. How are these or would someone recommend the Canopus...
  19. gmiller598

    technique for bass drum in bop tuning

    OK, some I'm working on my jazz playing on an 18" bass drum that I have cranked up in high pitched bop tuning across the drums. I'm trying to work on not burying the pedal and playing off the head so it doesn't buzz when the head kicks back. Does anyone have any tips or thoughts on pedal setup...
  20. gmiller598

    Bop kit head selection

    I'm thinking about going to all Fiberskyn heads on my bop kit but I've never used them before. Has anyone used a Fiberskyn as a reso head on the snare or toms? Did it sound ok? If not, what heads do you use on the reso side?