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  1. Florida Drum Dude

    Post your Tune-Bot settings

    13x9 = 171 batter and reso 16x16 = 126 batter and reso 6-5x14 = 295-300 batter 395 reso 14x24 = 60 batter, 80 reso Either classic maple or Vistalite. Snare is either a Supraphonic or a Black Beauty
  2. Florida Drum Dude

    Big Fat Snare Drum

    Does it kill your volume and projection?
  3. Florida Drum Dude

    Favorite heads for 70's Ludwig Vistalites?

    Ludwig Silver Dots..
  4. Florida Drum Dude

    Problems with Ludwig Atlas Arch Rail

    Two years of steady 2-4 gigs a week, 14 x 24, 13 x 9. This thing is the best, no troubles, ever!
  5. Florida Drum Dude

    New Forum

    I love the looks of it, but, threads are in reverse chronological order, in other words, the top of the page is the most recent reply, so, in order to follow the post, you have to scroll to the very end and go backwards. Is there a setting somewhere to change this? Thanks! Rob
  6. Florida Drum Dude

    Do Ludwig Atlas mounts fit dw lug holes?

    A friend here locally was asking me about my Atlas mounts that I use for a ride cymbal mount on the kick, and the Atlas Arch I use for a rack tom. He wants to use these on his dw Collectors kit. Rather than pull a lug and take a look, I thought I would ask the Drummerworld collective. Anybody...
  7. Florida Drum Dude

    Yamaha Japan Recording Custom help please.

    Help with year of manufacture please. Model Serial# TT913RF QX 2175 TT914RF QY 0552 FT916RC QO 1285 BD924RF QH 1331 I want to say i ordered this kit in 88 or 89. The finish is Stage White. Thanks!