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  1. GCRoberts

    Are DW Performance drum packs still considered overpriced in today's market?

    Probably not the same quality, but very close. Since I've purchased the DW Performance kit I've also purchased the Alesis Strike Pro SE. As much as I love my DW's, I'm playing the Alesis far more often.
  2. GCRoberts

    iPad mount for a DW Rack

    Anyone have a picture of their iPad mount for a DW Rack. I've found a few options, but not convinced I've found the ideal product yet.
  3. GCRoberts

    Guitar Center sale on Zildjian K Sweet and Custom Dark

    I just took advantage of this sale today to buy a Zildjian K Custom Dark China. I've been wanting to buy this cymbal for awhile to complete my kit, and when I saw I could get $70 off I figured the timing was right.
  4. GCRoberts

    Am I too old to start drumming?

    If you're too told, then I'm way too old. I started taking lessons 14 months ago at the age of 57. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
  5. GCRoberts

    What's your latest purchase?

    latest purchase is a Fender Mustang Bass guitar and Fender Rumble 500 amp for my wife. Having someone to jam with us definitely helping my progress.
  6. GCRoberts

    Guitar Center Daily Pick

    But you better like the blue! They must have overstocked on that one color.
  7. GCRoberts

    What cost you more? Your gear or your lessons?

    Paying $200/mo for my kit bought through sweetwater 4yr / 0% interest. Paying $80/m for lessons. So in the short run, paying more for equipment.
  8. GCRoberts

    Cymbal prices creeping up.

    I asked my wife for an 8" and a 10" K Custom Dark Splash cymbal for Christmas. They listed at $300 for the two of them, but Cymbal Fusion knocked $60 off the price for holiday pricing. When they arrived she looked at them and said "that's all there is to them....and they cost that much?". I...
  9. GCRoberts

    Question on DW cymbal felts

    Some of the DW felts have a plastic cover....some don't. I think they sell both versions. Yes, you can adjust the base using a drum key, and I've done that. But it seems to always come down to the pads being a little too firm in my opinion. But as a newbie, I always like to get the opinions...
  10. GCRoberts

    Question on DW cymbal felts

    I'm a first year drummer on my first drum kit (DW Performance), so I'll be asking dumb questions for a few more years! :cool: I understand that you shouldn't over tighten the cymbal wing nuts. The DW felts seem to be so sturdy that there's a fine line between loose and snug. Just seems like...
  11. GCRoberts

    At what age did you start drumming?

    I was taught matched grip, and that seems to suit me.
  12. GCRoberts

    At what age did you start drumming?

    I just started 11 months ago, at the age of 57. I remember almost 50 yrs ago, in elementary school, they were looking for kids to join the band classes. They passed out a sheet for us to sign up for an instrument. I chose drums, but never heard anything back. I guessing they already had too...
  13. GCRoberts

    Drum tuning - limited success with method I'm using

    No, but I have heard about that technique.
  14. GCRoberts

    The only good thing about COVID-19 for this new drummer

    Well right now I'm totally concentrating on the lessons being assigned to me. But my goal is to play a lot of classic rock, a little metal, maybe some new wave (which isn't so new anymore).
  15. GCRoberts

    Drum tuning - limited success with method I'm using

    I've heard from numerous sources that you should strive to tune your drums so you don't need to use any mutes or dampeners to minimize snare buzz. I've been attempting to reach this goal with limited success so far. For reference, I have a DW Performance Kit with a 14"x6.5" snare, 22" bass...
  16. GCRoberts

    Guitar Center bankruptcy

    Just got an email from Guitar Center stating that they are filing for bankruptcy. Haven't they filed chapter 11 a few times in the past?
  17. GCRoberts

    Beginner gear question

    Maybe this kit....just a little bit out of your budget.
  18. GCRoberts

    The only good thing about COVID-19 for this new drummer

    In January, on a whim, I decided I wanted to learn to play the drums. My kids are grown, but we still had their entry level Pearl kit just sitting in the loft from when they took lessons a few years back. So at 57 yrs of age, I contacted their former drum teacher and inquired about lessons...
  19. GCRoberts

    DW Design Series...Good Deal?

    I considered the Design Series myself, but ended up going with Performance Series. I was buying new, and decided to concentrate more on what I really wanted, and what I'd be happy with 5 years down the road, more than what was a great deal. But if I was shopping used, I probably would have...
  20. GCRoberts

    Buffalo Drum Outlet closing

    I heard that, hope he enjoys his retirement.