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    The ultimate light kit

    Built - 2021 Weight - 33lbs for the 3 drums nested (10", 14", 18") Circa £1700, depends on hardware choices- made by a true Craftsman so worth every penny. There's a lot of additional work in forming the shell halves. 1.6mm Tom hoops and the lighter Mahogany/Poplar shells made the most...
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    The ultimate light kit

    Apologies as pics have been posted here before. Noonan Mahogany/Poplar Nesting kit 10x8,14x12,18x14 Yamaha Crosstown hardware - 1 trip load in You don't need gaskets between the shell halves if they are made correctly. (They play exactly the same as full shells) Additional reinforcing ring is...
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    Vinnie Colaiuta

    Best Drum Instructional DVD and books on the market, great drummer. Perfectly fine in person, but for some reason on Social media a whole other personality appears. Mick
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    Port on shallow Bassdrum

    Did this on Saturday night (Yamaha 8000 22x16, no port, only dampening a folded pillow case between pedal and batter head) Mic on Tabletop stand about 6" from impact point. (Placed between Snare stand and pedal) Sound tech said it worked great, he had never tried that before. Think of how you...
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    Pairing Cymbals

    Did you try 19" Left 17" Right Sometimes moving cymbal positions can change where and how you use them Mick
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    Port on shallow Bassdrum

    You could mic from the batter side. Using a small table top mic stand between your snare and BD pedal Mick
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    Do you ever get the are you still playing drums question?

    You learn to be more discerning about gigs, learn to say "No" Current main gig is a John Prine tribute, definitely different - small setup with Conga/Percussion. Nice venues/theatres and a listening audience. I do have some rowdier gigs but definitely not in the "drunks/toilet" circuit. It...
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    Love them, easy setup and other than a little extra time packing them back into their bags, no issues. Mick
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    Do you ever get the are you still playing drums question?

    Yup all the time, 56 and I'll keep drumming until I drop :-) Mick
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    What bass drum heads to put on?

    PS3 EMAD 2 you'll not hear it, never mind the band or audience... Mick
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    What is the best riser for a small bass drum?

    Tama HP50 pedal is a great option for smaller Bass drums, as it has adjustable height. Cheers Mick
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    Bass drum muffling

    18" Bass drum (No Port) - Folded pillowcase between BD pedal and Batter head. Though with the Tama HP50 peda, that hits closer to the centre, I'm finding I don't always need BD muffling 22" Bass Drum (With Port) - Evans EQ Pad and folded pillowcase against Reso head if required Mick
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    Inconsiderate Upright Bass Players................

    Safest position to store a Double Bass. Don't see any problem there. Mick
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    Where to get custom shell blanks?

    Keller shells are generally made in 24" length tubes so can be cutdown to any length. Mick
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    How to fix this hole in the Tom

    Pearl Air Suspension feet make a huge improvement to floor toms Mick
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    How to fix this hole in the Tom Mick
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    K EFX Cracked, what next?

    Istanbul Agop Trash Hit may be an option? Mick
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    About to Give Up on Agops Because I Can't Find a Decent Ride

    I'd suggest 20/21" Sultan Ride (in the heavier version) 20/21" Traditional Heavy Ride Mick
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    Conga buying advice needed

    Seperate basket is a better option, much sturdier than a double stand, if playing standing up. Sitting down stands aren't always necessary. You can use a drumstick underneath to angle the drums away from you slightly, lets the air out of the bottom for bass tone/projection. Mick